36 And Counting!

Tony McWatt
– Publisher

As the 12th Issue of Wickets 3rd Volume, this edition is now actually the 36th to be
published in succession since the magazine was initially launched in August, 2018.
Needless to say, Wickets Publisher this is an achievement of which I am extremely
proud. To the best of my knowledge, Wickets might even now be the longest surviving
cricket magazine ever published in all of North America.

As with any such venture, the publication of the thirty-six Wickets Issues produced to date would not have occurred without the provided contributions of several other individuals. Foremost among these are all those whose written articles have been an essential part of Wickets’ editorial content. Collectively that number has long since become too large to allow the listing of all of the individual writers. Certainly within the past year, however, the contributions of Varun Desai, Frederick Halley, and David Liverman have been sufficiently outstanding to now be mentioned.

So too has the work done by our current Graphic
Designer, the India born and based Salomy Dzousa of
Preema Graphics. Lyn Balram’s continuing contributions
as Wickets’ Photo Editor have been appreciated, has the
content determination provided by such individuals as
Ranjit Chaudhri, Ingleton Liburd, Praim Persaud and
Mohammed Shaikh among others.

Even as an online magazine, the publication of Wickets’
monthly issues does of course have associated costs. I
am, therefore, now and will always be ever grateful for
the financial support received from all those companies
and individuals who have placed their advertising
in Wickets’ Issues. The support received from such
companies as Irie Spices, Keybase Financial, Caribfind.
tel, Jamaica Tourism and Arsak Sports, just to mention
a few, has been outstanding and gratefully appreciated.

The Wickets’ Issues published to date have been an
ongoing expression of my quest as the magazine’s
Publisher to provide its Readers with editorial content
that is simultaneously educational, entertaining and
informative and of the highest possible quality. To that
degree some Issues have naturally been more successful
than others. The now countless profiles we have featured
on those individuals whose outstanding contributions as
administrators, coaches, officials, and most importantly
players have been fully deserving of the provided
coverage, have been a continuous source of pride and
satisfaction. So too has been the ever increasing coverage
we have provided to Canadian Women’s cricket, as well
as that towards the many cricket clubs we have featured.

With its provided content being as good as it has become
over the past three years and still ever improving, the
greatest improvement I would now wish for Wickets
would be for its monthly Issue copies to be read by
far greater numbers of Canadian cricket’s reportedly
30,000+ registered players. That would of course further
improve and increase the magazine’s attractiveness to
corporations as a viable advertising vehicle.

Towards that end Wickets’ Issues from its forthcoming
Volume 4 and onwards will be an expression of our
pursuit of continuous improvements. Provided coverage
of cricket related events and activities in all of Canada’s
Provinces will definitely be one of the many areas of
further improvements that we will be pursuing.
Much to look forward to therefore as Wickets enters its
fourth year of publication. Cheers!

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