Hamilton & District Suspends Cricket Activities!

Assuming that the Coronoavirus will eventually dissipate, hopefully quickly enough as to allow Canada’s cricketers
to engage each other on the actual fields of play, the Canadian Cricket Masters Council (CCMC) is seeking players
who are over 58 years of age for over 60 Masters League in the summer of 2020. 40 overs games will be played
on two weekday evenings at Ross Lord Park, Toronto. Start time around 5:45 pm with one team batting on one evening and another team on the following evening.
The membership fee will be $150.00 per player that includes game fee & uniform for all games during the summer of
If you or anyone in your contacts
is interested in joining or for
further information – please contact
Krishna Ramnarace via email at
With further regards to the eventual
forthcoming start to the 2020
Cricket Season a few spots are still
available for HDCL T-25 morning
competition. Anyone interested
in registering a team should reach
out to the Secretary of the HDCL:
In the interim though, while the
world and health departments are
taking necessary measures & steps
to control the virus COVID-19,
HDCL Executives wish well and
good health to all its members,
their families and friends. We urge
everyone to avoid unnecessary
gathering, travel and socializing.
Let’s all be safe and do our part in
defeating this virus.

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