As it contemplates all the available options for the reopening
of City facilities including its cricket fields hosting Parks,
the City of Brampton has launched an Official Survey to
be conducted among its residents. The City of Brampton’s
Recovery and Reopening Survey is intended to provide
Mayor Patrick Brown and his fellow City Officials with the
opinions of residents as a means of facilitating their decision
making as to when and how would be best for public use of
the City’s facilities to be recommenced.
The continued closure of all Brampton City Parks as a means
of protection from the further spread of the COVID-19 virus
has curtailed cricket from being played within the City and
has also, of course, prevented the Brampton & Etobicoke
District Cricket League from launching its 2020 Season. The
13 Question Survey focuses on the City’s plans to eventually
re-open City facilities.
The Survey Questions to which Brampton City Officials
are seeking their Residents responses are as follows:
1. The City is working to balance residents’ needs with the
safety of staff and the community. In general, if you need to
access City Hall services during the COVID-19 pandemic,
what would be your preferred method of access?
2, Please rate the following statement: The City of Brampton
should work to make as many services as possible available
online so residents do not have to visit City facilities in
3. When it comes to reopening City facilities, which approach
do you prefer?
Prioritize public safety, even if that means delays in reopening
Reopen as quickly as possible
4. Please rate the following statement: To promote physical
distancing and minimize the number of people in City
facilities (e.g. City Hall,) City staff who can conduct their
work remotely should be encouraged to do so as often as
5. Would you be willing to access these City Hall services
remotely (e.g. online or by phone)
6. When the time comes to begin reopening City facilities
(e.g. City Hall, recreation centres, etc), which measures
would you support? Check any that apply
7. What do you think would be the best way to proceed with
City-led events during the summer?
8. If the City held events online instead of in person, would
you be willing to attend them?
9. What would be the best way/s for the City to ensure physical
distancing in recreation facilities? Check all that apply.
10. What would be the best way/s for the City to ensure
physical distancing in libraries? Check all that apply.
11. Do you feel confident that adequate physical distancing
can be maintained by residents travelling to/from work on
public transit (including Brampton Transit, GO…)
12. On a typical day before the COVID-19 pandemic, how
frequently did you use the following City services:
13. What are your concerns about reopening City facilities?
BEDCL’s League Executives are still optimistic that the City’s
Parks will indeed be reopened soon enough as to allow some
semblance of a 2020 Cricket Season to to be staged. The City’s
decsion as to when and if to reopen its Parks will of course
also impact plans for this year’s GT20 Tournament. GT20
was successfully held at the Brampton’s CCA Center last year
and was scheduled to return to the same venue for this year’s

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