5th Placed Preliminary Round Finish For Gujarat Toronto Challengers

Squad: Jaspreet Singh (Capt.) Gursimran Singh (V. Capt.) Amninder Singh, Chohanpriyank Sunny, Dilveen Singh, Gursimran Singh, Harkirat Jaura, Harshdeep Narula, Harsimran Jeet, Inder Singh, Inderdeep Singh, Ishpreet Singh, Jaskaran Gill, Jaspreet Singh, Kunal Arora, Lovepreet Singh Puni, Manraj Sidhu, Narpinder Wander, Sukhesh Kumar, Surinder Singh Brar.

Preliminary Round record:

P6 W1 L4 NR1 Pts 15

Match Results Summaries:

06/11: Lost to Jaffna-Galle Centurions by 3 runs

06/12: Versus Mumbai Lahore Knights – No Scores Tie

06/14: Lost to Rajasthan Rangpur Thunders by 7 wickets.

06/18: Versus Karachi Chandigarh Kings – Won by Frorfeit!

06/19: Lost by 9 wickets to Delhi Kathmandu Royals

06/19: Lost by 83 runs to Bangalore Peshwar Titans

Best Batsmen:

Jaskaran Gill M5 I5 NO0 Runs 107 Balls 62 Avg. 21 SR 172.50 HS 51

Gursimran Singh M4 I4 NO0 Runs 104 Balls 86 Avg. 26.00 SR 120.92 HS 40

Harsimranjeet Singh Mehra M5 I5 NO0 Runs 77 Balls 59 Avg.15.40 SR 130.51 HS 34

Best Bowling:

Sukhesh Kumar M5 I5 Ovrs.12.1 runs 96 Wkts.5 Avg.19.20 econ. 7.89

Narpinder Wander M5 I4 Ovrs.13.0 Runs 114 Wkts.4 Avg.28.50

Harsimranjeet Singh Mehra M5 I5 Ovrs.1.5 Runs 129 Wkts. 3 Avg. 43,00 Econ. 9.33



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