Anoop Chima: Canada U19s Wicket-Keeper Batsman

Born December 20, 2002, Anoop Singh Chima’s 2021 19th Birthday celebrations would have been made that much more joyous. Reason being of course, his most recent selection as Team Canada’s wicket-keeper for the forthcoming, January 14 – February 5, 2022, ICC World Cup. Known affectionately as Snoopy to friends and family, Anoop will be seeking to make his 2022 World Cup experience as the first, internationally competitive, step towards the fulfillment of his stated ambition to eventually become the very best in the world. Anoop’s active involvement with cricket started at age 5, as a member of the Toronto Cricket Academy (TCA). His interest had been generated from watching televised international matches in the company of his father and grandfather, a very simple initial exposure which spawned a love and passion for the game that intensified with each step of his subsequent, further involvement. In addition to becoming a valued playing member of the TCA’s teams, Anoop’s development was also boosted significantly by his student enrollment at England’s Repton school. His time spent in England opened a world of ultra exciting cricket related opportunities. Foremost amongst those were his inclusions as a playing member of the Ticknall Cricket Club and even more prestigiously the Derbyshire Cricket Club’s 2nd XI. Anoop made his Derbyshire 2nd XI in 2019 at the impressively very young age of only 16. During his debut year he also had the opportunity of actually playing on the hallowed of Lord’s, cricket’s globally ackno

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