Coach’s Corner: Nurturing Future Potential!

The role of the coach is central to any successful introduction of a new sports system. The coach has the ability to motivate performers and either unlock and nurture or stifle future potential. Any changes to the existing system will roll out over a number of years and athlete development will progress in parallel to changes to the Coach Education and Development system as and when the opportunity arises. The role and responsibility of the Cricket Canada Coach Education Department and the Cricket Canada Development Department is as follows:
• To amend the existing coach and teacher education courses including teacher training and Levels 1-3.
• To amend the Cricket Canada Coaching Manual.
• To promote and develop an awareness program for the introduction of LTCD principles.
• To design and deliver Coach Development Workshops on LTCD with special emphasis on the delivery of the Fundamentals, Learning to Train and Train to Train stages.
• To monitor progress, evaluate success and review these periodically.
• To update existing coaches with regard to the principles of delivering the LTCD sports system for cricket.
• To develop and deliver further training and development packages to support the LTCD system.
• In co-operation with Canada Coaching Association, to develop a compulsory Movement Skills for Cricket Workshop for all pre-Level I coaches in support of the LTCD system.
• To develop an effective coach mentoring scheme.

Cricket Canada aims to
• Review and implement necessary changes in Cricket Canada’s NCCP to ensure that the principles and values of LTCD are imbedded in all coaching development programs.
• Increase the number of trained and certified coaches at all levels. Develop mentorship programs.
• Establish a viable National Coaches Association.
• Establish a database of coaches at all levels throughout Canada

The National Coaching Certification Program

Launched in 1974, the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is the CAC’s flagship program, and has been identified as a world leader in coach education. It is currently the largest adult continuing education program in Canada. The NCCP gives coaches the confidence to succeed and is designed & delivered in partnership with the government of Canada, provincial/territorial governments,and national/provincial/territorial sport organizations.

NCCP workshops are designed for all types of coaches. Whether you’re thinking about coaching your child’s community team or you’re already the head coach of a national team, the NCCP has workshops to meet your needs.

NCCP training doesn’t require much time. Individual workshops can be completed in a single evening, and some workshops can now be taken online at your convenience or via home-study. The National Coaching Certification Program makes it easy to get started and stay motivated on the path towards coaching skills development.


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