Fantasy Cricket Now Available In Canada!

FOUNDED by Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Mukul
Sharma and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Phil Levine-
Caleb, GullyCricket released a fantasy cricket platform for
users living in Canada in early 2020. Since releasing, GullyCricket has paid over $15,000,000 in cash
prizes to contest winners, and has reached as high as number nine on the top charts for Sports Apps in the app store in Canada and number 44 in the United States.

After receiving his Masters in IT from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Mukul felt as though his complete skillset as a full-stack developer and architect were best suited for a startup environment. After graduation, rather than establishing a large company like most of his classmates, Mukul worked simultaneously on both getting his own start-ups off the ground, and on freelance projects for other companies.

Through his work as a freelancer, Mukul met Phil, GullyCricket’s CEO, who at the time was a fantasy sports enthusiast and data analyst for one of the world’s largest fantasy sports platforms. Together, they felt as though they had the complete expertise and skill-set necessary to get a
fantasy cricket platform off the ground.

The two first released CricDuel, a fantasy cricket
platform for consumers in India, where they tested
ideas, grew the team, and perfected their product.
Upon realizing the unmet need for this type of
fantasy sports platform available for North American
consumers, they pivoted from offering CricDuel in
India to offer GullyCricket in North America and
the rest is history!

GullyCricket’s goal is to become the go-to fan
engagement platform for cricket fans across North
America. They want to enhance the live cricket viewing
experience by making every run, wicket, and catch
count for more.

You can learn more about GullyCricket at GullyCricket.
us, or by searching for the GullyCricket app on the App

GullyCricket has recently entered a sponsorship
agreement with the Scarborough Cricket Association
(SCA) and apart from a cash donation, they will provide
the League with co-branded t-shirts to be distributed to
the captains.

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