June 11-26 2022 Inaugural Friendship Cup Set For King City.

Scheduled to be staged at King City from June 11
– 26 the 2022 Canadian Friendship Cup has been
built on the aspiration of enjoying the game of
“Cricket Beyond Borders.” Canada being the home
to the world’s most culturally diverse community
of cricket fanatics is destined to be at the forefront of
bringing citizens together.

The Friendship Cup’s Founders are an Ontario based
13594238 Canada Foundation. As a not-for-profit
organization the Foundation aims to use the tournament as
a platform to promote unity and harmony during these times
of communal and political divisiveness worldwide, and to
combine humanity with sporting excellence while providing
financial rewards to budding talent as a means of encouraging
them to consider the game as a professional career.

The 2022 Canadian Friendship Cup 2022 has been
planned with a unique perspective and with specific
targeted objectives. Among which are the following a) Preassigned
team names to promote harmony and overcome
geographical borders; b) Stringent team qualifying criteria to
maintain high levels of competition; c) International quality
premium 4 piece custom branded SG balls and playing
conditions; d) High prize monies to attract top talent; e)
Aggressive media promotion of the event and its virtues;
f ) Cricket simultaneously celebrated as a sport, family
and multicultural community event and g) the tournament
established as an annual event with additional future multilevel
groups and women’s competitive cricket associated events.

The 2022 Friendship Cup’s Owners/Organizers’ objective
is for the tournament to be staged in a very professional
manner. Towards this end they have secured the King
City Maple Leaf Cricket Club with its five high-quality turf
pitches as the venue for the entire June 11-26 tournament
during which over thirty matches will be played.

As a not-for-profit organization, the 13594238 Canada
Foundation’s intention in establishing the 2022 Friendship
Cup is to engage in and assist with the further promotion
and development of Canadian cricket. Their hope is that the
2022 Friendship Cup will attract the valued participation of
dedicated volunteers, committed sponsors and energetic
talented cricketers who are seeking additional competitive
match playing opportunities to display their respective

The Foundation’s fundamental belief is that its activities
will support and further Cricket Canada’s objectives of
raising the sport’s profile through increased promotion and
public engagement. While the Foundation’s members are
fully aware of the numerous private leagues that are currently
engaged in providing entry-level opportunities to novice
cricketers, they also believe that there are still not enough
of the required playing opportunities for the bridging of the
existing gaps that would allow all those who so inclined to
transform their talents from predominantly recreational play
to full fledged careers as professional cricketers.

Several Canadian representative players have already been
registered to participate in the 2022 Friendship Cup, including
the National Men’s captain Navneet Dhaliwal who will be
appearing for the Delhi Kathmandu Royals. He will be joined
by Rishiv Joshi, Armaan Kapoor, Salman Nazar and Varun
Sehdev. Canadian mystery spinner Nikhil Dutta’s participation
has also been confirmed as a member of the Jaffna Galle
Centurions. So too has Canada’s current most exciting T20
cricketer Rayyan Pathan.

The 2022 Friendship Cup will have Smart Investment Property
as its Title Sponsor. Smart Investment Property is a Toronto
based Real Estate Company.

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