OCA’s One To Watch: Kishan Missir!

Kishan Missir was born on September 9th, 2006 in Toronto, Canada
to West Indian parents. His Dad, Kumar, is Canadian-born while
his Mom, Malani, hails from Guyana.

Kishan has always been a person who loves sports in general. He
became specifically interested in cricket though at age 10. By then
his Dad Kumar had noticed the relatively quick ease with which
young Kishan was already picking up the associated batting, bowling
and even fielding techniques, while they played recreationally at the
neighbourhood park or on the family home’s driveway.

Kumar attributed Kishan’s quick learning traits to the fact that cricket
“Runs in our blood” since he played competitive cricket in Canada.
As did Kishan’s Grandpa back in Guyana.

Their Mom, Malani, also always believed in having Kishan and his
brother Krisen participate in structured activities and sports. She
believed that it would allow them to become well-rounded individuals.
Kishan’s parents, Kumar and Malani, therefore, decided to enrol both
he and Krisen in the Ontario Cricket Academy, simply to add more
structure to their lives.

Fueled by his newfound passion, Kishan routinely went to practice twice
per week in preparation for his first MCPL League matches. Doing so
instilled in him a sense of discipline.

He realized rather quickly that he enjoyed the adrenaline rush of winning
matches, as well as being part of the OCA. It was a great environment
for him to grow within, both as a player and as a young man. He made
friends that have since become like brothers to him.

At OCA, Kishan received exceptional coaching and guidance, through
which he discovered that one of his greatest strengths is batting. His
fielding also developed tremendously, as did his fast bowling skills.

OCA’s Head Coach Derek Perera quickly recognized Kishan’s love
for cricket, as well as his very strong potential. He started to prepare
Kishan to play more competitive cricket. By age 13, Kisha had already
developed a much stronger grasp of his own game and had begun to
show his capabilities as a player. Since then, Kishan feels that he has
started making considerable contributions to the game.

Kishan now vividly remembers winning his first match. His entire family
was there and they were all so very proud of him. The ensuing great
feeling of self-pride in his own accomplishment, he’d experienced
that day has continued to drive him to always be as competitive as he
possibly can.

Being very competitive in nature, Kishan appreciates that it fuels his
performance. Whether batting, bowling or fielding, he is always up for
a challenge.

He also remembers meeting Brian Lara, Chris Gayle and some of the
other cricket mega superstars at the GT20 and thinking to himself that
he wants to become just as good and great as each of them. Towards
that end he began playing more competitive cricket with TDCA. This
encouraged him to enhance his game.

Kishan also started taking private lessons with the OCA coaching staff to
fine-tune his batting, bowling and fielding skills. It is rigorous training but
he appreciates fully that this is what it takes to become a great cricketer.
Kishan eventually made the Ontario U17 team which allowed him to
exhibit his strengths and assets as an all-rounder. His training schedule
also became more disciplined.

Kishan’s hard work, passion, dedication and determination to further
develop his cricket skills and talents has already started to show dividends.
Some of the highlights of his career to date have been as follows: Scoring
130 runs in MCPL U13; recording the fastest half-century in TDCA U14;
participating in the Mississauga International Cricket Festival at the U14
level in 2018 and again four years later in 2022; playing in the Ontario
Regional U17 Tournament in 2019 and again post-COVID in 2021; being
a member of the OCA’s 2022 International Cricket Tour to Sri Lanka
and, most recently, playing at the 2022 U17 Canada Cup in Winnipeg.
Kishan is also expected to be a fully valued member of the OCA;s
squads for its pending international tours to Sri Lanka as well as Trinidad
& Tobago later this year.

Now that his cricket career is in full swing, Kishana has already established
some very laudable and specific objectives that he wants to achieve for
himself. These include representing Canada at the forthcoming 2024
World Cup; progressing to also play for the National Senior Team and in
the various T20 tournaments around the world, ultimately becoming one
of Canada’s very best allrounders, and to eventually gain international
recognition through his participation in the Indian and/or Caribbean
Premier Leagues.

As a means of ultimately fulfilling each and every one of his laudable
and lofty cricket-related ambitions, Kishan intends to continue training
with the very best Ontario players at every age level. He also intends
to pursue participating in as many international tours as possible, as a
means of enhancing his career.

erera, Davy Jacobs, Tribhawan Jagessar, Jaskaran Singh Buttar, Raza
Ali Dar, Gary Grewal, Sugandhat Bharti and Gaurav Gvupta, attending
specialized training camps, adhering to regimented training routines and
specialized diets, focusing on his mental awareness while learning from
his peers are all part of the activities Kishan intends to engage himself
in as he pursues the ultimate fulfilment of his established objectives.

Kishan will also seek to reinforce his training and skills development by
coaching younger cricketers as a way “to pay it forward!” He intends to
set very high standards for himself and to play Premier and Elite matches
with his Peers. Staying humble off the field but being feared on it has
already become his mantra. All this while he strives to maintain a healthy
balance between his education, school, and sports, cricket-oriented,

A plate full for sure but definitely worth watching to see how it all
eventually unfolds.

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