One To Watch: Dilraj Deol!

Born January 25,2006 in Brampton, Dilraj Deol first became involved in cricket when he was just 8 years old. From that point onwards Dilraj became more and more interested every time he played.

Toward his further development Dilraj was enrolled as a student of the Ontario Cricket Academy, and now says that it has proven itself to be a most wise decision. His cricket has not only improved significantly since but he has also been provided with many opportunities to play at a higher level.

“The OCA coaches have helped me to build on my interest and natural abilities. As well, the opportunities of touring with OCA to different countries such as Sri Lanka have really helped me to learn and adapt in different conditions!”

In the recent (August 2022) Canada Cup U17, Dilraj scored the most runs in the tournament and was also named the MVP. With such a notable entry already on his Cricket CV, Dilraj now harbors ambitions of first representing Canada at the ICC U19 World Cup before progressing to play for the National Men’s team in the not-too-distant future. As part of such admirably lofty ambitions, he also hopes to become one of the leading batsmen in the country and to help Canada move up significantly in the ICC’s overall rankings.

As to his plans for fulfilling such ambitions, being at OCA, Dilraj has been fortunate to have some amazing coaches and trainers who work very hard to help him and their other charges improve and develop further as players. OCA’s Head Coach Derek Perera works closely with all of the Academy’s students, especially those who are within the High-Performance Program, where they receive specialized skills improvement training. Continuing his training and doing well for the club will, therefore help Dilraj to achieve every one of his well-crafted goals.

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