Ontario Softball Cricket Gearing Up For Bumper 2023 Season!

The OSCL new cricket season 2023 is here!
Players and fans are ready to take to the field
and experience the excitement that cricket
brings. Every new season comes with new
challenges, new opportunities, and of course, loads of
fun. Be prepared to be enthralled if you are a fan watching
from the stands or a player ready to take the field, the
thrill of the game is going to keep you mesmerized.
All club captains and vice captains are asked to
make a special effort to attend the following
scheduled meeting:

OSCL Captains Table Meeting
Venue: Agincourt Recreation Centre,
31 Glen Watford Drive, Scarborough, ON M1S 2B7
Date: Saturday May 06, 2023
Time: 01:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m.

The OSCL’s new 2023 season’s Captain’s Table Meeting
is expected to be attended by the captains and vicecaptains
of the season’s twelve participating teams.

Participating teams will be placed in Division 1 or Division
2 based on their preceding 2022 Season points standing.
The Match Play System, Constitution/By-Laws will also be
part of the Meeting’s agenda. The playing conditions will also
be discussed with the captains and vice captains of all teams,
so they are aware of the laws governing play on the field. This
will help to eliminate any potential challenges going to DC

During the meeting, the captains will select the Disciplinary
Committee members who will be responsible to address
any challenges arising during the season. The open position
for Assistant Registrar/Statistician will be up for voting at the
Captains Table. Interested candidates can list their names at
the meeting.

The season starts May 27 and ends Aug 12. There will be 12
Saturdays and the same number of Sundays amounting to 24
playing days in total. Each team plays each other twice. Every
team will play 1 Saturday game. Teams will be heading to the
competition 10/10 and 15/15 over with 4 games. One day
will be also set aside for the Guyana day.

While the excitement is building teams are already busy with
their practice sessions leading into the May 27 start date. See
you all on the fields from May 27, 2023, onwards.

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