Ontario Softball’s New Executive Making Bold Plans For Further Development!

The earliest known references to Ontario Softball Cricket League
(OSCL) spring from the grassroot game to keep softball cricket alive
for the enthusiasm of cricket lovers and fans in Ontario, Canada and
nurturing as well as promoting good sportsmanship in all its activities
since its formation. During the early years of 1995 – some 27 years ago, the
game was encouraged in the city of Scarborough and pioneered by Ricky
Ramchand who help introduced the idea of the OSCL.
The League is also recognized for its efforts in promoting educational and
cultural activities for the benefit of youths and encourage them to continue to
make a positive impact and showcase the diverse culture of Guyana and the
Caribbean and good athletic sportsmanship to future generations.
The official foundation began when a group of guys who played Sunday cricket
comprising initially of two teams both headed by the Ramchand / Budhoo
brothers: Steve, Ricky, Haro and Paul, Kenny Girdharry and Dave Balmick. The
two teams were Golden Touch Jewelry and Sky Jewelry and then along came
Raj Singh with Abary Sports followed by Daniel Daligadu with Wales, Andy
Persaud with Rebels (Buddy Singh who later joined this team), Jai Somnath
with Woodbine and Brimley Boys. Both Buddy Singh and Ken Singh became
involved through Steve Ramchand (Golden Touch Jewelry) and Haro Budhoo
(Sky Jewelry), respectively resulting from connecting via their TV stations,
which was going to be used as a platform for league coverage. Moreover, the
formation of the league was established by someone that never took a major
role and that was Ricky Ramchand, as such, some of those noted above ran
with the idea. According to Girdharry, it was Ricky Ramchand who instigated
softball cricket and put us on the map as the rest of us just nurtured his idea
and therefore, the formation of OSCL and subsequently the various leagues
around today.

Our very own Neishaw Girdharry was the first female executive serving as
PRO in the OSCL from 1999-2000 as well as being an active player. Another

young player, Alisha Ramadhar, went on to enjoy
a championship with her team playing hard ball
in the SCA (TRINITY) before taking a break to
continue her studies. Alisha is also a part of the
OSCL as a RAMBLERS teammate.
With rapid growth of women in cricket, the
previous OSCL President Ravin Babulall has
established a new venture in cricket, his mandate
is to bring women, youth and children to the
forefront in cricket. His main goal was to bridge
the gap between clubs in the OSCL and organize
more women and youth teams.
Moreover, women’s cricket is already becoming
increasingly popular and has reached new heights
in recent years. The development of female cricket
is making a difference, and women’s cricket is
gaining popularity and enjoying the same benefits
as male cricket. The current elected OSCL
President Shiv Persaud prioritizes the introduction
of softball to youths and women. With a
strong executive body comprising Dharmendra
Kumar Jaipersaud new vice-president. Dina
Jaipersaud – Secretary/PRO, Natasha Sue –
Treasurer, Ian Baldeo – Schedule Coordinator,
Terry Mathura – Assistant Secretary/Treasurer,
Patrick Shivrattan – Registrar/Statistician/
Webmaster and Rabindra Diaram – Assistant
Registrar/Statistician/Webmaster, the board is
working diligently towards women gaining a lot
of recognition in sports. The board continues to
give priority towards seeking sponsorships and
more interest in women’s cricket.

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