OSCL’s 2023 Season Well Underway!

The OSCL T20 Regular season kickstarted May 27, 2023. The tournament will be played from May
27, 2023, to August 27, 2023.
The OSCL format has changed for the 2023 season Across Division A and Division B. Each team in
Division A will play each other twice and the teams in Division B will play each other 3 times. All games
are scheduled to be played on Saturday and Sunday. Each team will have a week off to rest during the
first rounds of the series.

There will be 6 teams forming the A Division which consists of Berbice Vipers, Better Hope, Caribbean
Sensation, Car Tec, Enmore and Mercenary. The B Division will consist 5 teams which includes Bacchus
Ruff Riders, Essequibo Coast, Leguan Warriors, Malvern Allstars and Ramblers Cricket Club.
Teams with the most points will be promoted to the A Division and Teams with fewer points will be
relegated to the B Division. Fans are eagerly awaiting with excitement to watch the games.

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