Sahil Badin Cites DreRus As His Alltime Favorite Cricketer.

Name: Sahil Badin
DOB: July 20, 2004
Country, City of Birth: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Playing Role: Batting All-rounder
Batting Style: RHB
Bowling Style: RHS

Seventeen year’s old Sahil Badin’s playing role is
that of a batting allrounder. Who better then for
the Mississauga born teenager to cite as his all-time
favorite cricketer than West Indies’ Andre Russell,
familiarly known within international cricket as Superman

Still very much in his formative years as a Junior
cricketer, Badin will now be one of the youngest players
on the selected Canadian 2022 ICC U19 15 member
World Cup squad. If he can duplicate any of DreRus’
numerous legendary feats with both and ball as one of
international white-ball cricket’s most sought after allrounders,
Canada may, however, be well set to have its
best tournament ever.

A student of the now famed Ontario based, Derek Perera -led Ontario Cricket Academy, Badin has
already demonstrated his DreRus like aggressive
tendencies with the bat. He now readily lists having
scored 150 in a T20 match as his most outstanding
accomplishment, to date.

Badin’s ambition for his cricket career is as simple as
it is straightforward. His objective is merely to give
100% of his abilities at all times. By doing just that at
the forthcoming U19 World Cup, Badin’s hope is that
his performances will help Canada win most if not all of
its Preliminary Round matches, thus earning itself a spot
in the Super8 playoffs to follow. An accomplishment
which, should it happen, would be a first for Canada at
the tournament.

Of international cricket’s three currently available
formats, Tests, ODIs and T20s, Badin not at all
surprisingly lists the latter as his favorite. The freedom
it allows batsmen to hit freely is his main reason for
favoring T20 cricket above all others. What else would
you expect from a prodigiously talented seventeen-year
old belligerent batting allrounder, who idolizes Andre

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