SCA President Challenges Board Members To Continue Making Consistent Efforts!

PRESIDENT of the Scarborough Cricket
Association (SCA) Shiv Persaud has challenged
his fellow board members to continue making
their consistent efforts in 2023 “so we can
improve the experience for our clubs.” In his
report, at the Association’s Annual General Meeting
(AGM), held on January 29 last, Persaud said “there
are areas that we need to improve on that includes our
handling of communications, response time, players
being registered correctly, match sheets being uploaded
and the playing conditions being adhered to at all times
We have to minimize the number of disciplinary hearings
for poor sportsmanship and aggressive behavior toward
our umpires and players. I urge you, our members to pay
emphasis and take action to ensure cricket is played in
the best spirit of the game while being respectful to each

According to Persaud, “with the continued work of our
board members and support of our members, we are
hoping to attract more sponsors in 2023. We are grateful for the sponsorship
received from GullyCricket in 2022 and the sponsors for our website and
youth programs. We are open to opportunities so kindly let us know of any
interested sponsor(s). Our SCA Media team has done an outstanding work
with improving our presence on social media and other publications including
Wickets magazine. Special Thank you to our PRO/Marketing Mr. Frederick
Halley and Jobish Jose for the work they have done.”

With the acquisition of fields being a major bugbear, Persaud pointed out that
“going forward we will continue our work to improve existing fields and have
access to additional fields so we can provide better opportunities for our
existing members and accommodate clubs who are looking to call the SCA
home. We are optimistic that as full members of Cricket Ontario, there will
be more inter league competitions so we can have SCA representative teams
at all levels showcase their skills.”

Persaud encouraged members to consider obtaining their National Coaching
Certification Program and Cricket Canada Level 1 qualification which is
offered through SCA and Cricket Ontario, complete the training to obtain
umpiring qualification for better understanding of the laws of the game and
contribute to the officiating of games.

Only four positions were up for grabs at the AGM. Vic-president Bisham
Singh, who has the distinction of serving under several presidents and who
himself was also at the helm of the association, was returned unopposed.
Public Relations/Marketing Officer Halley and Assistant Grounds Coordinator
Mark Lall also found favour with the members and were returned
in similar fashion. Abhinav Kavuru, who served previously as Webmaster and
who was appointed Assistant Secretary/Treasurer in December, replacing
Mohan Singh, received unanimous approval in his post.

The other executive members, whose positions were secured based
on the SCA’s constitution were Shiv Persaud (President); Eon Gunraj
(Secretary); Matthew Francis (Treasurer); Abu Rubait Alam (Webmaster);
Calvin Alexander (Grounds Coordinator) and Abigial Rajkumar (Registrar/
Statistician), the lone female on the executive body.
The AGM marked the first held indoors in three years following virtual
meetings in 2021 and 2022 occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic and was
credited as being the largest to be held by the SCA.
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