UpClose TAKE 20: Nikhil Dutta

1) City Of Birth?
– Kuwait.
2) Favorite Childhood Memory?
– Playing cricket in the living room at home!
3) Childhood Ambition?
– To become a Pro Cricketer.
4) Favorite School Subject?
– Gym and Math.
5) Favorite Book?
– None! Ha Ha.
6) Favorite Movie?
– Inside Man, Hangover, 21 Jump Street.
7) Top 5 Favorite TV Shows?
1) Prison Break
2) Money Heist
3) Breaking Bad
4) The Office
5) How I Met Your Mother
8) Favorite Dish to Eat?
– Anything classy like steak /pasta or a good old cheese
9) Favorite Vacation Spot?
– Jamaica, Mexico, Punta Cana.
10) Greatest Young Adult Influence?
– Father.
11) Most Admired International Cricketer: Bowler?
– Sunil Narine.
12) Most Admired International Cricketer: Batsman?
– Jacques Kallis.
13) Most Embarrassing Cricket Moment?
– My wicket celebration against Namibia 2019.
14) Most Memorable Cricket Moment?
– Playing at the U19 World Cup and being a part of the
senior team.
15) Cricketing Ambition?
– To be the best cricketer and person I can set out to be.
16) Favorite Sport Outside Of Cricket?
– Playing warm-up soccer before cricket games.
17) Hobbies Outside Of Cricket?
– Watching movies and being with family.
18) Favorite Toronto Restaurant?
– There are many but you can’t go wrong with Boston Pizza’s
19) Music Most Listened To?
– Soca/Dancehall, R&B.
20) Top 5 Bucket List Items?
– 1) Play a cricket World Cup. 2) best cricketer I can be. 3)
travel and explore more. 4) try and move up in the banking
industry. 5) lastly enjoy life

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