Following the appointment of Durriya Shabbir as its
Women’s Cricket Coordinator, Cricket Canada has
most admirably wasted very little time in also establishing
a Women’s Cricket Committee. The Committee, the
establishment of which was announced as an outcome of
the Cricket Canada Board of Directors’ October 7 meeting,
is comprised of four impressively qualified ladies who
along with Shabbir will henceforth be directly responsible
for the further development and promotion of Canadian
Women’s cricket within the next year.
As members of the newly established Women’s Cricket Committee, Coordinator
Shabbir along with her fellow members Ave Mogan, Somali Chandok, Jazz Tucker
and Saima Rizwan have collectively been charged with the following responsibilities:
– Developing, implementing and delivering programs to encourage the participation
of girls and women in cricket at all levels;
– Providing advice and recommendations to the Board on matters affecting girls
and women’s cricket participation;
– Preparing an annual plan and annual budget for board approval;
– Establishing policies and procedures for women’s cricket;
– Developing and implementing a plan for recruitment and development
of coaches, umpires and support staff for the Women’s and
U19 teams.
Again based on their listed experience and previous direct involvement
in Canadian Women’s cricket, Shabbir et al are certainly all
impressively and sufficiently qualified to fulfill their assigned responsibilities,
as challenging as they may be. What’s also impressive
about the Committee’s composition is that it is membership is almost
equally representative of women’s cricket in Ontario and Western
Canada. Shabbir and Mogan are Ontario based, while Chandok,
Tucker and Rizwan are all out of the Province of Alberta.
Cricket Canada’s timely establishment of its Women’s Cricket Committee
and its clearly outlined Terms of Reference is a most worthy
example that its individual Board Members should now seek to
immediately follow. During its July meeting, the very first to be held
following the June 27 Annual General Meeting, the respective Board
Members were assigned specific portfolio responsibilities. Having
received their assignments, the expectation was that the very first
action item for the respective Board members towards fulfilling
those responsibilities would have been the establishment of their
own committees of qualified individuals capable of providing them
with valuable assistance for the completion of their tasks. Seemingly,
aside from Ranjit Chaudhri, who very quickly assembled a team
Tony McWatt
– Publisher
of Coaches and other individuals to assist
him with the fulfillment of his “Winning Teams”
portfolio assignment, no other Board Member
has as yet established their own committee.
At least there has been no public evidence of
any of them having done so.
This coming November month end will mark
the completion of the current Cricket Canada
Board of Directors first six months in office.
Approximately one quarter of its scheduled
two year, twenty-four months, term. As such
the forthcoming November Board of Directors
monthly meeting might be a very suitable
time for both the Board as a whole, as well as
its individual members to not only reflect upon
their accomplishments to date, or lack thereof,
but also to outline concrete lists of improvements
worthy of their collective and individual
implementation within the next six months.
For those who have not already done so the
establishment of their respective committees,
as a means of allowing interested individuals
from within the Canadian cricket community
the opportunity for direct involvement, should
be very high on any such list.

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