Coach’s Corner: Accepting Responsibility

If you do this, it will increase your chances
of succeeding as a cricketer. It won’t
guarantee that you will succeed. The
way that you deal with success and failure
on the cricket field will also determine what
type of cricketer you become. It is inevitable
that you will have failures. Assess them and
the reasons why they occurred. Use this
information to improve your game and to
make sure that you do not make the same
mistakes twice. Do not dwell on your failures
and cause them to make you miserable, be
positive and determined to succeed the next
time. When you succeed, do not become big
headed and boastful about it. Cricket has a
strange habit bringing over confident and
boastful people back down to earth.
Again analyse your performance and see why
you have succeeded. Use this information to
help you to do well in the future and move
on. Do not make excuses. Cricket gives you
a lot of opportunities to make excuses,” The sun was in my eyes, the
umpire made a bad decision, I can’t face spin bowling.” The only way
that you will succeed regularly is if you take responsibility for your
performance, practice hard prepare well and focus in the match.
Many cricketers hear what the coach is saying but few of them
listen. Too few young cricketers take the advice that they are given.
The coach points out faults and makes suggestions to you for a good
reason, they want to improve your game and make you the best
cricketer that you can be. It is not always easy for you to change parts
of your game but to do so will make you a better cricketer in the long
run. When the coach suggests a change, try it for a long time, not just
for one or two balls.
Every moment of a cricket practice is an opportunity to make
yourself a better cricketer. Every moment wasted in fooling around
at practice is an opportunity of improving yourself wasted. There are
certain things that you need to work on at practice. You need to work
on, your technique, your attitude to the game, your mental approach
and your concentration. It is very important to have goals. These
will keep you on track. Long term goals, short term goals, goals in a

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