Bottom Placed Finish For Mumbai Lahore Knights!

Mumbai Lahore Knights

Squad: Kruba S (Capt.)Aayiz Abbashi (V. Capt), Aayiz Abbasi, Amrit Bumrah, Anit Gupta, Damion Wynter, Deepinder Singh, Govind Parihar, Habeeba Bader, Jatinder Sharma, Kruba S, Lankika Ellepola, Mayur Rathwa. Mohammad Shoaib, Mohammad Faisal Mole, Rayon Smith, Shrey Pokhriyal, Suba Pillai, Tamir Ahmed, Varun Sharma

Playoff Record:

P6 W0 L4 NR 1 Pts 10

Summarized Match Results:

06/12: Lost by 6 runs to Karachi Chandigarh Kings

06.12: Versus Delhi Kathmandu Royals – Match Abandoned

06/12: Versus Gujarat Toronto Challengers – No Scores Tie

06/15: Lost to Bangalore Peshawar Titans by 9 wickets

06/16: Lostto Jaffna-Galle Centurions by 105 runs

06/18: lost to Rajasthan Rangpur Thunders by 78 runs

Best Batsmen:

Govind Parihar M3 I3 NO0 Runs 72 Balls 56 Avg. 24.00 SR 128.57 HS 63

Rayon Smith M4 I4 NO0 Runs 68 Balls 75 Avg.17.00 SR 90.67

Varun Sharma M4 I4 NO0 Runs 55 Balls 49 Avg.13.75 SR 112.24 HS 36

Best Bowlers:

Mayur Rathwa M3 I3 Ovrs. 7.5 Runs 48 Wkts. 3 Avg. 16.00 Econ. 6,13

Govind Parihar M3 I3 Ovrs. 10.5 Runs 86 Wkts. 2. Avg. 43.00 Econ. 7.94

Jatinder Sharma M4 I4 Ovrs.7.0 Runs 62 Wkts. 2 Avg. 31.00 Econ.8.86

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