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In 2021 the COVID-19 pandemic again had
a significant impact on cricket communities
in Ontario, leading to fewer restrictions on
all sports compared to the previous year.
Cricket Ontario was faced with complex
decisions regarding the resumption of training
and competition as a result of the prevailing the
COVID19 circumstances.
Cricket Ontario’s Member Leagues were able to
host a limited number of events successfully at the
Senior, Women, and Junior levels. These included
modified League championships, tournaments,
development programs, and educational courses.
The highlight of the year has been the successful
hosting of the Central T20 Tournament, the
Ontario -Youths Under-18 and Under-16 and
Women Provincial (Regional) Championships, the
Women’s T20 National Championship, and the
U17 Canada Cup.
Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, Cricket in
Ontario was riding an upswing of interest in
the game.Member Leagues introduced and
successfully staged modified seasons with mid-week T20 and weekend morning
T20/T25 season-salvaging tournaments. These initiatives were an indication of the
increasing popularity of cricket in Ontario at all levels.
Cricket Ontario is proud of the Members’ creative thinking in having introduced
initiatives which produced excellent results in meeting the increasing demand for
further promotion of cricket in the community, while responding to the expressed
needs of its cricketers. It was, however, a disappointing moment for Cricket Ontario
to have to cancel the scheduled 2021 establishment of High-Performance winter
camps for the province’s Women and Youth cricketers.
Cricket Ontario’s ongoing U17 & U15 Regional Championships are the result of
its successful implementation of a strong and healthy Youth Cricket Development
Program. Two (2) Ontario Teams Participated in the U17 Canada Cup, with Ontario
Red winning the tournament.
The Women’s Regional Championship participation was exceptionally good, and
the participating teams enjoyed the tournament. All games were live streamed on
Cricket Ontario’s YouTube Channel. Two (2) Ontario Teams participated in the
National Women’s T20 Cup.
As was shared in last year’s Annual Report, Cricket Ontario in partnership with Cricket
Canada has established a joint Ontario and Canada National Coaching Certification
Program to help coaches with their adoption of the standardized philosophies and
methods that are being used by major sports nationally and internationally.
Cricket Ontario completed its first certification batch
of Cricket Canada Level 1 Qualified Coaches. Shah
Zafar functioned as Facilitator, while Cricket Canada’s
General Manager Ingleton Liburd, fulfilled the roles of
Instructor – Evaluator.
The Coaches started their qualification in March
2021 by completing both their National Coaching
Certification Program (NCCP), as well as the
theoretical part of the Skills Program. The practical
evaluation was pending due to the COVID restrictions.
This was the first of two evaluation sessions to be
completed. It also marked Ottawa’s first-ever hosting
of such an established Program by the Provincial Sports
Organization for Cricket in Ontario. The Program’s
next session will be the completion of a Toronto-based
evaluation for an additional 26 coaches.
Cricket Ontario is extremely proud of the response
received from its Women’s Coaches who turned out
in larger than expected numbers to complete their
coaching qualifications. Seven out of 21 registered
Women’s Coaches turned out to complete the NCCP
aspect of their coaching qualifications held in February
and March of 2022. Cricket Ontario is now looking
forward to seeing these Coaches working to increase
the number of women participating in the sport of
cricket from the community to the competitive levels.
Cricket Ontario thanks Cricket Canada’s General
Manager, Ingleton Liburd, for his provided guidance
and leadership in helping with the organization of this
much-needed Program. Cricket Ontario’s Secretary,
Shiv Persaud, must also be highly commended for his
extended efforts and commitment to delivering the
project successfully. Cricket Ontario has now firmly
established its capacity to conduct the NCCP Level 1
Clinics and ICC/CC Level 1 Coaching Certifications.
With the support of all its Member Leagues and
Cricket Academies, Cricket Ontario now has a very
successful, sustainable, strong, and healthy Junior
Cricket Development Program. Among the Program’s
many valuable provisions are the following: a) Essential
support for the future growth of senior cricket to
flourish in Ontario and Canada and b) Valued support
to underprivileged and financially challenged youths
and families.
It required the hard work of volunteers and the
implementation of a phased approach to establish
a sustainable infrastructure for the Program. The
Cricket Ontario Skill Development Program is now in
its 8th year and showing excellent results by producing a high number of
players for Canada’s National U19 Teams.
The Program runs from January till April each year for U-16, U-18, Junior
Men’s and Women’s players. Cricket Ontario is also pursuing plans to
add a U21 Development Program, as well as Senior Men’s Team training
Under the Program’s auspices, players are selected through an established
‘trials’ process with the addition of a given number of spots being
provided to those who have been recommended by the participating
Academies. The Program’s Coaching Cadre has Level 3 and 2 Certified
Coaches. Guest Coaches are also invited on a regular basis for special
The Program provides high-level coaching through one-on-one and
group sessions. A certified Trainer also provides participants with the
required fitness training. Normally conducted indoors during the winter
months, the Program is moved outdoors from May until the end of June.
The Program culminates each year with a Regional Tournament which is
used as an evaluation tool to assess its deliverables.
The past year has witnessed Cricket Ontario’s resurrection of Women’s
cricket within the Province. A publicly issued call to “Get Involved,”
resulted in responses being received from 35 interested girls/women
players and coaches. 25 of those subsequently registered to be an active
part of the plans to promote, develop and grow Ontario’s Women’s
Towards the implementation of such plans, Cricket Ontario has outlined
Three Pathways/Cornerstones of the development process that will
address all sectors that must be targeted. The need for the establishment
of a Strategic Plan for Growth, Development and Participation has also
been identified.
Cricket Ontario has also developed and revealed its plans for connecting
the bridges between the respective pathways. Such connecting bridges
will allow identified players to transition smoothly and seamlessly from
one level to the next, as they fulfill both short and long-term established
Cricket Ontario’s formation of a Women’s Committee resulted in its
hosting of the Canada Cup and Summer Festivals. Both tournaments
were graced with provincial representative participation by two Ontario
Women’s Teams (Red & Green).
Cricket Ontario’s implemented initiatives have been in direct response to
Cricket Canada’s submissions to the International Cricket Council (ICC)
towards the development of Canadian Women’s cricket. All meetings,
events and matches that have comprised Cricket Ontario’s Women’s
cricket development activities and initiatives to date can be viewed on
its Facebook Page!

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