Canada’s Senior Men’s Cricketers Engaged In Virtual Training During COVID-19 Lockdown.

With the actual playing of any type of cricket having been curtailed by the nation-wide COVID-19 restrictions, Cricket Canada has been seeking innovative ways of keeping the country’s elite national cricketers active and involved. As such, Cricket Canada recently approved the Men’s Senior Team’s participation in a PEAKS Lifestyle Virtual Training Program.
The PEAKS Virtual Team Training is being conducted by a means of an app, which has been downloaded by all participants. By virtue of the app, each participating Canadian national team player has received 4-week phased workout programs specific to cricket and their overall athletic development.
Through the application, participants are required to follow the outlined calendar of weekly workouts. Canada’s participating players are currently performing 3 strength days, 2 conditioning days as well as 1 mobility/yoga routine each week.
For each workout, there are descriptions and videos of exactly what they are required to do. Currently with no gym access, all workouts are bodyweight focused, with emphasis on body awareness and control. The participants have the ability to communicate with the coaches through the app, as well as having a group chat to collectively communicate with each other.
Each week participants also receive a resource guide geared towards movement, nutrition, recovery or mindset. This serves to help better educate the players, while enhancing their training and performance throughout the process. PEAKS’ Coaches are also always available to answer any of the participating players’ questions/concerns through the app.
During the last week of each phase, PEAKS personnel and the participants gather on a Zoom call where the PEAKS Coaches demo the new workouts and drills in the upcoming phase. This allows the players to see everything performed live and ask any questions that may arise. At the end of each phase Cricket Canada’s participating Coaches are also provided with a monthly report on the compliance rate of the participants with their workouts.
Twenty-two of Canada’s Men’s Senior players, as well as three Coaches, have been participating in the Cricket Canada hosted Peaks Virtual Training Program. A highly commendable and most innovative initiative indeed!

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