Canadian College Cricket Presents Nationals Week!

The Inaugural Canadian College Cricket Women’s National Championship will be taking place from September 3rd and 4th in King City, Ontario. The 5th Annual Canadian College Cricket Men’s National Championship will also be taking place from September 4th to 7th in King City, Ontario. The Championships will be followed by a Woodbine Banquet Hall, September 8 formal Awards Gala to celebrate the players’ success

Canadian College Cricket is a youth focused organization that fosters the cricket community and provides a platform for youth between the ages of 18-25 to pursue a post secondary education while playing a sport they love. This year, 20 teams and over 300 students will be participating in Nationals Week! All games will be live streamed on Canadian College Cricket’s Facebook Facebook page.

Canadian College Cricket will also award scholarships to high achieving players. The purpose of the event is to continue growing cricket at a national level within the university and college spectrum, while enabling students a chance to compete competitively.

Canadian College Cricket was founded on a core belief: the national following of cricket deserves a platform to connect, to compete, and to grow. Its founders were of the belief that there is a lack of opportunity for students who played cricket in high school to continue their sport in post-secondary institutions. As such Canadian College Cricket was established to continue students’ development in cricket simultaneously with the pursuit of higher education.

The momentum for this sport deserves to be sustained by the demonstration of commitment among athletes and fans in both physical and digital spaces. Online, Canadian College Cricket be found on Facebook, Instagram, and at their website. Canadian College Cricket can be followed across these platforms by all those who are interested in being kept up to date with news on cricket, upcoming events, and exciting announcements. Canadian College Cricket’s pledge is to showcase the talent of Canadian cricket players online and to develop their sport through matches on the field.

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