Cricket Canada Update February 2021!

A cloud of uncertainty continues to hangover
Cricket Canada’s planning for 2021, as the
COVID-19 pandemic continues. Many
of our elite athletes have been unable to train in
person, due to the restrictions on indoor activities.
Both men’s and women’s players have been provided
with assistance on individual fitness work in order
to be ready for when activities resume. It has been
rewarding to see Nitish Kumar have the opportunity
to play in the CWI 50-over tournament and to excel
in his performances there.
Plans continue for international events this summer,
although current restrictions on international entry to
Canada may have to ease before these events can take
place. We hope that the current positive trends seen
in most of Canada, combined with vaccination will
allow our teams to compete against other countries.
We continue to work with with municipalities,
provinces and the Federal Government to understand
the conditions under which ICC qualifying events
(the T20 Americas qualifier in July, and the Challenge
League in August) might be played.
The Cricket Canada women’s selection committee
is in place, and is developing a plan for selecting
squads for women’s tournaments this summer.
Kamna Mirchandani has been named as the Athlete’s
Representative for the women’s national team and
will sit on the Athlete’s Committee. The men’s
selection committee has prepared a preliminary high
performance squad for the senior national team,
which should be announced soon.
A committee is in place to solicit an evaluate
applications for a national coach, and those interested
should keep an eye on the Cricket Canada web site
for announcements.
There have been modest improvements to the
website, but with much work left to do. We are also
looking to re-vitalise our mostly dormant Instagram
and Twitter accounts, to supplement our social
media presence, recently limited to Facebook.
A committee is in place to review the organization’s
by-laws and will be providing recommendations to
the board. We are looking to apply best practices
as established in an upcoming Canadian sports
governance code, as well as improving areas of the
current by-laws that are unclear.
A draft terms of reference has been prepared for
the Official’s committee and will be finalised after
consulting with the larger group of officials convened
to put this committee in place.
We are working on putting in place revised Safe
Sport and Harassment policies that will align with
the standards established by the Universal Code of
Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment
in Sport, adopted by all Canada’s national sports
organizations. Safe sport remains a high priority with
Cricket Canada, and we encourage all members,
leagues, clubs and participants to familiarise
themselves with the Code, available at https://sirc.

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