Five Teams to Compete in SCA Inaugural Winter Season

FIVE teams are slated to participate in the Scarborough Cricket Association (SCA) inaugural Winter Season, set to get underway on Saturday, November 27 at the luxurious and spacious Pickering Soccer Centre, Ontario.
Following a break for the Christmas season, the tournament which will be played on Saturdays resumes on January 15, 2022, and concludes in the last weekend in March.
The teams to be in contention are United Titans, Toronto Sixers, Whitby Dolphins, Victoria Park (Frank Pollard) and Victoria Park (Richard Ramlall).
An ebullient SCA president Shiv Persaud explained that his body has been exploring the option of a Winter season since 2019 and that the members were in full support.
“However, we were unable to proceed due to lack of availability of a suitable venue. Now that we have a great location and venue that is relatively new, following its opening in 2014, we decided it’s the perfect opportunity to launch the tournament.
Persaud highlighted that outdoor cricket is limited to the Summer season in Canada. He however said “It is critical to have competitive cricket for prolonged periods to truly develop the skillset and mindset of players.
“An indoor season during the winter, although a shortened game, will provide clubs with the opportunity to grow, in addition to their indoor training. It will be helpful in honing skills as well since players have to learn how to rotate the strike and minimize dot balls. Bowlers have different playing conditions to adapt to with little room for error,” Persaud explained.
The registration of teams has been somewhat slow and Persaud had expected at least eight to participate in the inaugural season. “Ideally, we would have liked to begin planning in September, so it is all coming together in a relatively short period of time.
Despite having only five teams, the SCA president said he expects it to be a great season which can only get bigger in years to come as cricket continues to be arguably the fastest growing sport across Ontario.
The games will be of 12-over duration and while teams are allowed a maximum of 25 registered players, all will be required to be fully vaccinated.
Teams will be awarded ten points for a win and five points each in the event of a tie, which happens when overs, runs and wickets loss are the same for both Teams.
The first four overs of each innings are Power Play overs and a maximum of one fielder will be allowed behind the power play line (cones) towards the boundary. A maximum two (2) fielders are allowed behind the stumps after the end of the Power Play.
Located at 1975 Clements Road, Pickering, the centre was opened in November, 2014. It includes an 8,300 square metre FIFA 1 Star full-size soccer pitch (that can be split into half or quarter fields) under a 9,000 square metre air-supported dome attached to a 700 square metre clubhouse with change rooms, meeting rooms and the PFC administrative offices. Also inside the dome is a 120 metre, four-lane sprint track.

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