Scarborough Cricket Association: Winners Row – Part 2!

Toronto 6ixers, relatively new to the Association,
claimed their first title as Third Division Champions
by recording a convincing victory over Armor
The final matchup for the T20 Premier Division
title witnessed Island Warriors comfortable
victory to claim their maiden championship since
becoming a member of the Association.

First year in the SCA, Markshire Cricket
Club claimed the first ever T20 First Division

For the 2021 season, Kokuvil Sports Club made
the decision to move from the Second Division
to the T30 Division playing at the Elite level.
After being a member of the Association for over
20 years, victory in the T30 Elite Division final
was well celebrated by the team and all of their
supporters that turned up.

Youngstar Cricket Club continued their strong
showing in the playoffs by claiming their maiden
T30 Premier Division title.

United Titans also continued their strong showing in
the playoffs by claiming the first-ever SCA T20
Elite Division title

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