Freak Snow Storm Wreaks Havoc With SCA’s Winter Season!

THE eagerly anticipated Scarborough
Cricket Association (SCA) Inaugural
Winter Season, which got off to a
resounding start at the spacious Pickering
Soccer Centre last November, came to a
screeching halt in February after the facility was
severely damaged by a massive snowstorm.

The storm resulted in structural damage
and with the necessary repairs still to get off
the mark, the SCA was forced to cancel the
tournament which featured five teams – two
from Victoria Park (Richard Ramlall and Frank
Pollard X1s), Toronto 6ixers, Whitby Dolphins
and United Titans.

A disappointed SCA President Shiv Persaud
said he was hopeful for a restart before the
commencement of the regular season but
that wasn’t possible since the repairs haven’t
commenced. The SCA, Persaud disclosed,
took a decision to refund the teams part of
their entrance fees based on the number of
matches they had completed.

Persaud, however, said that efforts will be made
to start this year’s registration for the indoor
season as early as July when it is hoped the
facility will be back to its former self.

At last November’s launching Ajax Ward
2 Councillor, Ashmeed Khan, lauded the
executives of the SCA for the great initiative.
Khan told the audience, which included
executive members of the SCA and
participating players that “playing cricket not
only offers health benefits and social skills, but
a sense of community and social interaction
that is all too important, especially after the
isolation we have experienced in the past 20

According to Khan, the SCA, which was
formed some 41 years ago, has provided
the necessary values and resources to its
players, “so on behalf of the Ajax Council,
I congratulate the SCA on your inaugural
Winter cricket season launch and wish each
team success in their matches.”

Also present at the auspicious occasion was
Keith Deonarine, Cricket Development
Officer attached to Cricket Canada.
Deonarine also praised the SCA for the
initiative, pointing out that it will definitely
keep the players active during the Winter

The former Canadian youth player reminded
those present about the importance of
committed cricket which he said was very
important for the players’ development.
Deonarine pointed out that Cricket Canada is
very happy to see cricket can also be played
during the winter period which, according to
him, is a demonstration of great leadership by
the SCA.

Persaud expressed gratitude to the five
participating teams and was very optimistic
that the inaugural season would have been a

The SCA President also thanked Ajax Mayor
Shaun Collier for the recognition of the
first-ever Winter Cricket Season. According
to Persaud, “Now more than ever, it is
important to keep our communities active and
engaged in physical activities. It is beneficial to
the health and wellness of our communities by
allowing them a place to interact, compete in
teams, exercise and be happy socialising with
their peers.”.

Persaud had earlier explained that his body had
been exploring the option of a Winter season
since 2019 and that the members were in full

“However, we were unable to proceed due
to lack of availability of a suitable venue. Now
that we have a great location and venue that
is relatively new, following its opening in 2014,
we decided it’s the perfect opportunity to
launch the tournament.”

Persaud highlighted that outdoor cricket is
limited to the Summer season in Canada. He
however said “It is critical to have competitive
cricket for prolonged periods to truly develop
the skillset and mindset of players.

“An indoor season during the winter, although
a shortened game, will provide clubs with the
opportunity to grow, in addition to their indoor
training. It will be helpful in honing skills as well
since players have to learn how to rotate strike
and minimise dot balls. Bowlers have different
playing conditions to adapt to with little room
for error,” Persaud emphasised.

“We expect it to be a great season which can
only get bigger in years to come as cricket
continues to be arguably the fastest growing
sport across Ontario.”

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