From Local to Global–Umpire Arnold Maddela!

“We are four. When you grow up like my three
brothers and me, you feel quite confident because you
always have someone to do something for you. All of us
brothers played for our city and won many tournaments,”
begins Arnold R. Maddela, President of the Toronto
Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association(TCU &SA).
Maddela has retained this coveted position in TCU &
SA for over a decade now, which is one of the oldest
and largest umpiring associations in North America and
a leading umpiring body in training and educating umpires
in Canada.

By no means a small feat, Arnold Maddela has many other
feathers in his hat. He was included in the ICC’s Panel of
officiating Umpires for the January 14 – February 5, 2022,
Caribbean-hosted U19 World Cup. Maddela is a West
Indies Cricket Umpires Association (WICUA) Qualified
Umpire who scored the highest in the 2007 Practical and
Oral Examination (West Indies and North America). As
an England Cricket Board (ECB ACO) Qualified Member
and Cricket Canada Level 3 Umpire, Maddela has also
officiated international matches since 2007.

“I’m from Hyderabad, a historic city in South India where
cricket has been played since 1880” informs Maddela.
Legends likeM.L. Jaisimha, Abid Ali, Md. Azharuddin, V.V.S.
Laxman and many more who played for the Indian Team
were role models for young Maddela. “But my greatest
inspiration was my father, a sportsman and a referee.
He stood for values in the sport.” states an emotional

Little wonder that hailing from a family of cricket lovers,
Maddela would represent his school, Preston Institution,
College, Wesley College in Secunderabad and Osmania
University in Hyderabad. He also officiated in matches in
India between 1990 and 1999.

When Canada made amendments to its immigration
legislation and regulations, Maddela could smell the sweet
scent of success and was ready when the opportunity
knocked at his door.

“After I migrated to Canada in 1999, I developed my
qualifications and saw some opportunities. I continued to
work hard for more than ten years to be recognized by
Cricket Canada. “ shares Maddela.

Maddela’s involvement with Canadian cricket as an active
Umpire began in 2007.” I have been officiating in Canada
in several roles since 1999, averaging 30 games per year,”
says Maddela.

To date, Maddela has conducted eleven international
matches as an Umpire. He has served as a Standing, On-
Field Umpire in seven matches. Maddela was also the
T.V. Umpire for the remaining four matches.
One of Maddela’s recent involvement as an
International Umpire was on November 12,
2021. He was one of the Standing On-Field
Umpires for the Bahamas vs. U.S.A. match
during the I.C.C.’s Antigua-hosted Americas
Region 2022 T20 World Cup Qualifier.

Cricket is the fastest-growing sport in the
world. But cricket is yet to fully take off in
Canada, feels Maddela. “The sport of cricket
requires a lot of submission to the decisions
of the Umpire. Unfortunately, we don’t have
a proper organizational system for Umpires
in Canada until recently”. For quite similar
reasons, being an Associate country, there are
not many Canadian umpires in the ICC Elite
panel, feels Maddela .”

But Maddela is an optimist. As the Vice-
Chairman of the National Committee for Umpires, he is working
on a complete restructuring of the organization with the full support of
his committee.

“Umpiring is more a mental game, believes Maddela .” To be a
good umpire, one doesn’t need play first-class cricket. It is about
the person’s passion and ability to do the job, as opposed to
what he has done in the past. Obedience, submission, discipline,
and courage–are the characteristics which make a good man and
a good Umpire. You also need to have good people skills and
display sound values.”, advises Nadella .” Only some people can
fit into the role of an Umpire because it is a very demanding and
challenging profession. When I do a good job, no one notices, but
I don’t make the right call, there’s a big chance that I will get yelled
at and presumed to be incorrect for the rest of the match, “smiles

Umpiring is more taxing on the mind than the body, and stress can
also be an issue before games. It is thus an absolute must to go
through a fitness regime before an event. Umpires prepare slightly
differently depending on the level of the game, shares Maddela,
but basic preparation (physical, mental, refreshing the laws of the
cricket) is required for all levels.” We have to be fit all the time
before the big tournaments. We have a physical fitness practice
recommended. We start to hydrate ourselves fifteen days before
the tournament as part of our physical fitness program. For
international games, preparation begins at least a month ahead,
starting with communication between the match referee/umpire’s
coach, zoom sessions and filling up forms regarding our personality,
tournament goals, professional development, physical preparation,
etc. “

Mastering others is strength but mastering oneself is true power,
says Maddela. “We, professional umpires, never feel we exert
control over the players. We are only the conductors of the game;
our decisions on the field are based to the best of our ability, taken
in a split second with our naked eye. We umpire to ensure the
players aren’t breaking the rule. But umpires are human, too, and
many people forget that once the game starts.”As an umpire, we must focus on the game ahead
of us and overcome what has happened in the
previous decision. Umpires have pressure when
decisions are incorrect, which may impact the
rest of the match. But we learn and practice to
overcome it and finish the game on a successful
note. As a professional umpire, I use criticism to
learn and improvise my skills”, states Maddela.

Passion, dedication, hard work, commitment
and willingness to upgrade are the distinguished
features of an outstanding Umpire, and Umpire
Maddela is relentlessly raising the bar for himself
to accomplish these virtues. As the president
of TCU & SA, he has taken it as his prime
responsibility to educate, train and develop
aspiring umpires through the association’s
education programs. Maddela wishes to show
the umpiring pathway to the next generation
and bring awareness to how the current system
will help them to reach their goal. He also plans to reach out
to local groups and schools and spread the word outside the
immigrant community.

Maddela’s journey has been a myriad of experiences, and he
cannot thank enough people who have held his hand to walk
toward his dream. The umpire coaches like Mr. Peter Nero and
Mr. Denise Burns have groomed Maddela with many tips on
successful umpiring. “They played major roles in developing my
umpiring skills. The senior members of TCU&SA and my wife
and children, too, helped me develop.” Says a grateful Maddela.

Arnold Maddela’s story is of a young man who started local but
refused to do anything insignificant. He transformed his local
dreams into a global landscape.

On no account Maddela agreed to settle with the ordinary
when God called him for multitudes!
Arnold Maddela dared to dream global and dream big!

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