Mohit Prashar Aiming To Help Canada Emerge As the 2022 U19 World Cup’s Top ICC Associate Country!

Name: Mohit Kumar Prashar
DOB: March 6, 2004
Birth Country, City: Toronto, Canada
Playing Role: Batsman, Upper Middle Order
Batting Style: RHB
Bowling Style: Right Arm Leg Spinner

Mohit Prashar’s straightforward objective for
his participation at the forthcoming 2022 U19
World Cup is to help Canada emerge as the
tournament’s top ICC Associate country. The tools
Prashar will have at his disposal for achieving that worthy
objective will be his top order batting and useful right arm
leg spin bowling. He also aims to be the tournament’s
top run scorer.

Born in Toronto, Prashar was just 8 yrs old, when he
and his brother would accompany their father to his
weekend cricket matches. Once there their Dad’s
teammates would start giving them throwdowns and
catches. Recognizing his son’s growing interest in the
sport, Prasha’s Dad enrolled him into the Canadian
School of Cricket Academy. Within just three years,
as a mere 11 year old, he’d officially started playing in
the Toronto District (TDCA) League. Prashar was also,
albeit briefly, a student of the Tranzac Cricket Academy.

Since then Prashar has also had the opportunity of
playing some cricket matches in India. His biggest
accomplishment to date as a cricketer has been the
55* he scored against Mumbai U23 Players at Matunga
Gymkhana in Mumbai India. That was in March 2020.

Prashar now lists that city’s most famous son of its soil,
India’s legendary Sachin as his favorite cricketer of all
time. Prashar cites Tendulkar’s having set the benchmark
for all batters by scoring 100 plus international centuries
as well as more than 30000 international runs as his
primary reasons for doing so. He also very much admires
and has been inspired by Tendulkar’s technique, shot
selections, work ethic and attitude towards the game.

Although Tendulkar is his cricketing idol, Prashar,
however, likens his own game to that of India’s Rohit
Sharma, who he sees as being very strong in both
technique and stroke play.

Prashar’s cricketing ambition is to represent the Canadian
Senior team at the international level. He also hopes to
play franchise cricket across the globe.

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