Jap Jap’s 2022 U19 World Cup Ambition Is To Win As Many Matches As Possible For Canada!

Name: Harjap Singh Saini
DOB: 28 November, 2003
City & Country of Birth: Sri Ganganagar, India
Playing Role: Off-Spinner,
Bowling All-Rounder
Batting Style: RHB
Bowling Style: RFM

Know as Jap or JapJap to his teammates and
close friends, Harjap Singh Saini’s ambition for
his participation at the forthcoming ICC 2022
U19 World Cup is to win as many matches as possible
for Canada. Saini will be hoping that his skills as an offspinning
bowling all-rounder will be on display to the
very best of his abilities as he seeks to fulfill his stated

Saini’s JapJap nickname is simply a shortened version of
his Christian name Harjap. It came into being as result
of the demonstrated inabilities of some Canadians to
pronounce Harjap correctly. Jap and or JapJap simply
allowed such individuals to effectively bypass that

Saini had his first exposures to his adopted favorite
sport playing gully and local cricket in India. He later
moved with my family to Canada when he was 9 and
started playing club cricket when he was 13.

Saini’s best ever performance to date was during a
school cricket match in 2017. His team was defending
a score and it was until the innings’ death overs that he
was given the chance to bowl. He took a hat trick and a
5-for in the span of 2 overs to win the game.

With such an outstanding achievement under his belt,
Saini has set taking all ten wickets in an innings as his
ultimate cricketing ambition. Would it be awesome for
him to actually achieve that very objective during the
forthcoming U19 World Cup. That would not only be
a world record but a Canadian National one as well.

Saii’s favorite cricketer of all-time is Yuvraj Singh. He
admires Singh not only because of his outstanding
career and playing style but also for his inspiring battle
against cancer. Saini enjoyed the privilege of meeting
Singh in person during the 2019 GT20 tournament in

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