New, Exciting, National High Performance League Set To Be Launched!

Cricket Canada has announced plans for the launching of a new and exciting National High-Performance League.
The High-Performance League’s Preliminary Rounds will be played simultaneously in three Cricket Canada Member Provinces: Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario which will provide first-year, pilot teams. Alberta and British Columbia’s matches will be played between two teams. Ontario will field three teams for its Preliminary Round matches.
The participating teams will each play at least six fifty over matches at turf wicket equipped venues. The matches in each Province will all be live streamed.

Participating teams will be comprised of thirteen (13) players each, accompanied by a Coach and Manager. The final playing XI for each team will also include three (3) players who are under 25 years of age, as well as two (2) who are under 19. Alberta and British Columbia’s respective six scheduled matches will be played between Teams A and B. Teams A, B & C will be the three participants for Ontario’s nine scheduled matches with each playing their other two opponents twice.

Performances from the Preliminary Round matches in the respective Provinces will be used to select Provincial representative squads for the September 11 – 17, 2022 Canada National 50 Overs Championships. The Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario participating teams will be joined by a selected National Squad for the Ontario hosted round-robin format tournament, all matches of which will also be live streamed.
Canadian National 50 Overs Team.

The four National Championships participating teams will play each other twice in accordance with the following schedule:
Day 1: Alberta vs National Squad; British Columbia vs Ontario
Day 2: Alberta vs Ontario; British Columbia vs National Squad
Day 3: Ontario vs National Squad; Alberta vs British Columbia
Day 4 Rest/Practice
Day 5, 6 & 7: Round Two repeats of the Round 1 scheduled matches.

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