One To Watch Sahil Badin

Born in Mississauga Ontario of Indian parents, Sahil Badin
first became interested in and actively involved with cricket at
the tender age of 10. He joined the Ontario Cricket Academy
(OCA) a year later as his very first club. Under the tutelage
and watchful guidance of the OCA’s coaches, Badin has since
developed into the player he is today. As a member of the
Canadian National U19 Squad that is now preparing for its
participation in next January’s Caribbean hosted ICC U19
World Cup, Sahil Badin is one of Canadian cricket’s potential
future stars!
Sahil’s Dad Shabbir, has been one of the biggest influences
on the development of his career to date. It was Shabbir who
initially encouraged Sahil to try his hand at cricket at a time
when his primary interest had been in playing soccer.
Sahil has also benefited from the assistance provided by the
father of one of his friends, “Uncle Yogesh” who used to take
him to all of his cricket practices. As the OCA’s Owner and Head
Coach, Derek Perera has also taught Sahil almost everything
he now knows about cricket.
When Sahil first joined the OCA he didn’t even know how to
hold a bat properly. Guided by the Academy’s coaches he
acquired the skills that eventually allowed him to become a
regular member of the OCA’s teams. It was during an OCA
U14 Season that he finally made his first real breakthrough by
becoming a consistent run-scorer for his team.
He was selected to represent the Ontario Reds for its Canada Cup matches against the Prairies and British Columbia.
He scored a 35 ball 51 against the Prairies that included four boundaries and one six. Against British Columbia he
was even better, scoring 51 off of 74 balls with 6 fours and 1 six. As a result of his outstanding batting, Sahil was
ranked 5th amongst the tournament’s top batsmen.
Needless to say, as a member of the Canadian National U19 World Cup Training Squad, Sahil’s primary and initial
ambition is to be among those who are actually selected to head to the Caribbean next January. Beyond that he also
hopes to play for Canada in as many tournaments as possible, towards becoming a professional cricketer and as a
means of making his parents proud.
As he strives to fulfill his established objectives, Sahil now engages in daily routines of fitness workouts and net
practices. He assiduously tries to get in at least three days of gym workouts and as many net practice sessions each
With such discipline and dedication as its foundation, Sahil Badin’s further cricket career development will indeed be
One To Watch!

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