Ontario Cricket Academy’s Siddh Lad: One To Watch!

Born in India on September 10, 2003, Siddh Lad came to Canada in 2007
with his parents. Five years after his family’s arrival on Canadian shores he
started playing with OCA at the age of 9.

Siddh’s initial involvement with cricket had started a couple of years earlier
at age 7, but at that time it was purely a fun-seeking exercise. His initial OCA
involvement was also merely just another form of physical activity. As he
became more involved, however, his ambitions in relation to cricket began to

Siddh slowly started spending more time in the nets and working on his skills
with OCA’s Head Coach Derek Perera which ultimately made him more
serious about his cricket. The results of their coaching relationship have become
apparent in the highlights of Siddh’s career so far as well as the progress he has
made in terms of his development as a Canadian cricketer.

Siddh’s OCA involvement has also provided him with opportunities to play
alongside professional/international cricketers while and learning how they
think about the game. Being a member of the Canada U19 team at the 2022
West Indies -hosted ICC World Cup has been his biggest representative
honour in the sport to date.

Siddh’s U19 World Cup involvement was merely the first international step
towards the fulfilment of his ultimate objectives of representing Canada at the
National Senior level as well as becoming a professional. He fully appreciates
that in order to fulfill either of those ambitions he will have to spend more time
in the nets constantly refining and improving his game while eliminating any
existing and obvious flaws. He also understands that he will have to dedicate
significant amounts of time to become as fit as he possibly can.

f University studies and the transition from High School has not been easy.
As ambitious and disciplined as he’s already proven himself to be, however,
Siddh Lad should have no insurmountable challenges in ultimately achieving
his Canadian cricket ambitions. How he continues to do so will definitely be
worth the watch!

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