Player Profiles Will be Missed Most!

The countdown to the cessation of Wickets published
monthly Issues has started. This May Issue will be the
first of the magazine’s three remaining Issues, with June
and July to follow as the second and final respectively.
Reflecting on my role as Wickets’ founder, publisher and chief
writer for the past now almost five years since its August 2018
launching, the journey has mostly been one of received joy. By
far the biggest sources of which have been the feature profiles
I have personally penned on countless players, as well as a few
deserving administrators.
Interviewing players learning about the incredible, often
inspirational, journeys they have each embarked upon in
pursuit of their respective Canadian cricket careers has
always been a most rewarding and fulfilling exercise for me
personally. Invariably made even more so by the expressions
of gratitude and genuine appreciation that have been received
from featured players.
Not surprisingly, such much gratefully received expressions of
appreciation have been of a noticeably greater magnitude from
featured younger players, than those which have emanated
from the more mature and established senior cricketers.
Again, though, they have without exception all been readily
expressive in their appreciation of the provided coverage.
If asked to identify the top five player profiles I have ever
written, those on Saad Bin Zafar, Nitish Kumar, Rodrigo
Thomas, Rayyan Pathan and Rabbyjyot Rajput would most
likely complete that ranking listing. Definitely not in that order
though, as the editorial feature I did on Rabby Rajput will now always rank the
highest. It was, indisputably, one of the most enjoyable and satisfying articles I
have ever penned in my now 30+years of writing activity.
The unbridled joy and satisfaction received from penning Rabby Rajput’s feature
had as much to do with providing deserved exposure to an emerging prodigious
talent as with her very admirable personality. For someone that young, Rabby
certainly has a sound head on her shoulders and seems to be admirably focussed
on developing her obvious cricketing talents to their fullest potential. Luckily for
her, and by extension for Canadian Women’s cricket on the whole, she also has
her devoted, very knowledgeable, Dad Himmat Rajput guiding and overseeing
her development every step of the way.
In addition to the countless player profiles, I have penned for Wickets editorial
inclusion, there have also been a few on deserving administrators. Of those,
the features I wrote on Calvin Clarke and Austin Ward, will now forever be
remembered as having been immensely satisfying.
Both these gentlemen have given such outstanding service to Toronto District,
Ontario and Canadian cricket that, as I have repeatedly suggested, they should
be publicly honored for their respective contributions. Naming the sight screen
ends at one of King City’s major fixtures primarily used grounds would be a
good start. Public acknowledgement and recognition of their outstanding
service at some stage during this year’s supposedly upcoming GT20 third edition
tournament would be even better.
Almost five years’ worth of consecutively written monthly articles. That’s a
record of consistency for which any writer should be justifiably proud.
Pity that it now has to come to such an abrupt, arguably untimely, end. But as the
old cliché goes “Nothing good lasts forever!”
Cheers to the memories as magnificent as they have been!

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