Two Women Among OMSCC Executives Amid Sweeping Changes!

TWO women were elected to serve on the executive body of the Ontario Softball
Cricket Clubs (OMSCC) when the Annual General Meeting took place via Zoom
on Sunday, April 11.
After serving two years as the Secretary, Jas Mathura was elevated to the vicepresidency
post while Indira Singh who was previously Web Content Administrator is
now Player Management/Statistician. Mathura thus became the first female Vicepresident
of the OMSCC.
Apart from Mathura and Singh, the AGM also saw sweeping changes among the
executives with Paul Jaman replacing Azeem Khan as President while the new
Treasurer is Orin O’Neil who took over from Khem Singh.
Terry Mathura, the husband of
Jas, is the Over-50 Coordinator
while Ganesh Ramraj replaces
Dickey Singh as the new Umpires
Coordinator. The Disciplinary
Committee, which is chaired by
the vice-president, comprises
Bobby Ramlagan, Patrick
Shivrattan and Nazir Khan.
The three other members, as
prescribed by the constitution, will
be appointed by the executives.
The all-important post of Secretary
was not filled at the meeting as
no one accepted the nomination.
However, after consultations a
few days after, Guyana Chronicle
freelance journalist Frederick
Halley was appointed to serve as
acting secretary for a one-year
period based on the OMSCC’s
Questions still remained as to
whether there will be any softball
cricket this season following
a bleak 2020 when there was
none and according to the
newly-elected president, several
factors will have to be taken into
consideration as to whether there
will be a full or shortened season
due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Chief among the factors, Jaman
explained, is the OMSCC receiving
permission from the Ontario
government health officials and
also the City Parks & Recreation
Jaman pointed out that even if
these permissions were secured,
OMSCC will still seek feedback
from the teams as to the way
forward since some of them are
still uncertain about participating
due to the pandemic. Jaman
is, however, optimistic that
even if there are no seasonal
tournaments, players will be
involved in some form of cricket
under strict guidelines.
Jaman praised the “tireless efforts”
of the outgoing executives for their
role in upkeeping the sport and
also expressed a special welcome
to the new members.
Mathura said she’s indeed
proud to be the first female vicepresident
of the OMSCC and was
appreciative that the members
felt confident enough to elect
her into the position. She pointed
out that she hopes to be part of a
successful team which will ensure
that the game of softball flourishes as
there are many committed players
and fans.
In 2018, Singh was one of two stalwart
women elected to the executive
committee, marking the first time in
the history of the body that women
were given that privilege. The other
was Shanta Persaud who took over
the post of Secretary. While Singh
continued in her role for the past
three years, Persaud had resigned
after few months after being elected.
Halley previously served as Secretary/
PRO of the Ontario Softball Cricket
League (OSCL) and is also the current
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer of the
Canada Cricket Umpires Association

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