If talent is more important than consistency, then
Vinod Kambli would be more successful than
Sachin Tendulkar. If Attitude is more important
than consistency, then Rahane would be more
successful than Kohli. If reading the game is more
important than consistency, then MSD would be
a more successful batsman than Kohli. If Passion
is more important than consistency, then Yuvraj
would be more successful than Kohli.
Then how come Virat is more consistent?
To be successful, you have to be consistent. To be
consistent, you have to understand the mantra of
“Eat, sleep, train and repeat”. You have to work
on your training and eating habits too. Whatever
you do in your life if you want to be a valuable
person then you must be consistent in your
performance. If you are consistent, then people
can believe in you.
Everyone looks for the magic key to consistency
so that we can attain success. However, there
is no magic key to success. Consistency and
therefore, success are the result of boring and
disciplined hard work. You must work through the
boring routines regularly. If you give up it means
game over. You have to keep fighting, keep
working hard. A real champion always gets up
when he is down.
If you think that you can skip the stretching
exercises, or leave out the preparation or
visualization today and do it tomorrow or if
you eat fast food and not healthy food today
then what would happen? But consistency is
tough and boring, and it is a habit that requires
discipline. A Test cricketer hits thousands of balls
everyday because he knows that practice will
help him during a time of pressure.

Make sure that your concentration and
intentions are good, not only on the field
but off the field too. If your intention is to
improve your game then you will find the
path to success.
I heard that Virat Kohli went out on 167
and went to the gym that same evening. The
trainer asked him why he was in the gym, as
he had batted for six to seven hours. Virat
said, “I want to convert these innings into
double or triple hundreds, It’s only possible if
I do a workout when I am tired”.
Imagine if we work hard on our consistency,
we will bowl well throughout the 50 overs.
We will bowl with discipline, we will save
many runs in the field, we will take all the
catches and score a lot of extra runs through
good running between the wickets.
You must be very determined to get better
every day. When you step onto the field
you must enter it with a winning mindset only.
You should practice like you are playing a
match. You must have full concentration.
You should not talk or play flashy shots. Your
mindset at the practice is very important.
I absolutely hate it when players talk a lot
during practice because you should not
waste a moment of practice time. You
should not repeat the mistakes again and
again. You should practice the way you
want to play.
Success and consistency are the results of
passion, hard work, discipline, and a strong
mindset. Try to do conscious practice to
get through boring routines. Try to stay fully
while training and to analyze your strength
and weaknesses. Constantly look for areas
where you can make improvements.
There is no limit to improving your game. You
have to consistently work hard at it. I would
advise that if you take the game seriously
then surround yourself with people on the
same mission. You may lose friends but those
people can pull you down and stop you from
achieving your goals.

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