Up Close 20 Questions: Nitish Kumar

1. City of Birth


  1. Favorite Childhood memory

Training at the Toronto Cricket Academy with all my mates from the age of 4!

  1. Childhood Ambition

To become a Professional cricketer

  1. Favorite School Subjects

Marketing, Performance Analysis

  1. Favorite Book

How To Achieve A Lifetime Of Sustained Peak Performance

  1. Favorite Movie

Dark Knight

  1. Top 5 Favorite TV Shows

Entourage, Suits, Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, Broklyn Nine-Nine.

  1. Favorite Food


  1. Favorite Vacation Spot

New York City

  1. Greatest Young Adult Influence

My Dad. Mr Brian Hale and my family as well,

  1. Most Admired International Cricketer – Bowler

Shane Warne

  1. Most Admired International Cricketer – Batsman

Sachin Tendulkar

  1. Most Embarrassing Cricket Moment

My overthrows causing a Team Canada loss to Ireland!

  1. Most Memorable Cricket Moment

 Team Canada’s 2011 World Cup Win Over Kenya!

  1. Cricketing Ambition

To play cricket full time around the world!

  1. Favorite Sport outside of Cricket


  1. Hobbies Outside of Cricket

Golfing, Watching Movies, Traveling

  1. Favorite Toronto Restaurant


  1. Music Most Listened To

House, EDM and Alternate Rock!

  1. Top 5 Bucket List Items

Witnessing the Masters at Augusta

Sky Diving

Watch A FIFA World Cup Match Live

Travel To Hawaii

See The Northern Lights

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