Canadian Cricketers Take 5! Rayyan Pathan

  1. What was your best cricket memory/moment in 2019?

My best cricket moment of 2019 would be the GT20 finals. Our Vancouver Knights team was in a difficult situation and the opposition was looking at a huge total but the captain Shohib Malik called my name to bowl, and I produced. Getting a critical breakthrough of Shaiman Anwar who was on 90. Myself and Andre Russell restricted the opposition in the last 6 overs by taking 6 wickets together.

 2. What was your greatest 2019 disappointment?

I wouldn’t say I had any disappointments in 2019. Maybe I failed or didn’t take advantage of starts in batting but I didn’t feel disappointed. Everything I do is a blessing. Any mistake get in the nets and get better.

3. How do you plan on spending the 2019 Christmas Holidays?

My Christmas Hoildays will be spent with family and in the cricket nets. I don’t really like sitting at home if there’s a net available to train.

  1. What will you be doing during the Winter January – April off season to further enhance your cricket?

Every off season I find something I try to work on in my game. Recently coming back from the Super50 in West Indies, and doing a post tournament breakdown of my performances I have a few things I know I can improve. So that will be the goal this off season. Getting better everyday.

 5. What are you hoping to achieve most in 2020 as a Canadian cricketer?

In 2020 my goal is to be the best Canadian All Rounder, and be a fixed player in the national side. Also just to keep proving my skills to myself and in the next GT20 have bigger and better performances.

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