Canadian Cricketers Take 5! Harsh Thaker

  1. What was your best cricket memory/moment in 2019?

Winning Canada’s Super50 second match against the Combined Colleges & Campuses and being appointed as Man Of The Match.

  1. What was your greatest 2019 disappointment?

Not being able to bat through for Canada against Singapore in Malyasia and losing the game

  1. How do you plan on spending the 2019 Christmas Holidays?

Spending time with family and friends.

  1. What will you be doing during the Winter Januray – April off season to further enhance your cricket?

Working of my physical and mental fitness, also fixing a few technical things.

  1. What are you hoping to achieve most in 2020 as a Canadian cricketer?

Looking to win more games for Canada and being more consistent in producing outstanding performances with both bat and ball!

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