UpClose Take 20 Praim Persaud!

1. City of Birth
Stewartville Pasture West Coast Demerara
2. At what age did you first become interested in cricket?
10 Years old – following the men’s team in the village
3. Favorite Childhood Cricket Memory?
Playing a modified form of Cricket – Bumper Ball – with a very hard compressed
rubber ball.
4. Childhood Ambition?
Getting an education abroad to fulfill my Grandfather’s wishes
5. Greatest Young Adult Influence
In reference to Cricket– Rohan Kanhai & Gary Sobers
6. Favorite School Subjects?
Human Biology, Botany & Biology, Maths & Physics
7. Favorite Book?
Books by Alistair MacLean, Zane Grey, Micky Spillane
8. Favorite Movie?
Sons of Thunder, Spaghetti Westerns, Action Thrillers
9. Top 5 Favorite TV Shows?
Suits, Good Wide, The Good Fight, The Good Doctor, Justified
10. Favorite Dish (Food)?
Goat Curry, Crab Curry, Hassa Curry, Gilbaka Curry, Pepper Shrimp, Fried
Rice & Jerk Chicken
11. Favorite Vacation Spot?
The Caribbean Islands
12. Most Admired International Cricketer – Bowler?
Sunil Narine
13. Most Admired International Cricketer – Batsman?
Shivnarine Chanderpaul
14. Most Embarrassing Cricket Moment?
Dressed in Whites – Playing in the rain and falling on my ass on the wet
field when I attempted to field the ball – both feet slip in opposite directions.
15. Most Memorable Cricket Moment?
The first time I took 7 wickets in a match.
16. Favorite Sport Outside Of Cricket?
17. Favorite Leisure Time Activity?
Watching my favourite shows & movies on TV
18. Favorite Canadian Restaurant?
The Keg
19. Top 5 Personal Bucket List Items?
• Travel to destinations that I was unable to do while I was working
• Check out Cricket Games in the Caribbean and other countries
• Visit my home country Guyana
• Spend Quality Time (home & vacations) with my family
• Enjoy my retirement
20. Top 5 Goals for fulfillment before you
retire from being actively involved Canadian
• Canadian Men’s Teams ICC 50 Over and
T20 World Cup Qualification
• Canadian Women’s Team ICC T20 World
Cup Qualification
• City of Brampton’s construction of a
world-class stadium as the headquarters
for Canadian cricket
• City of Brampton Franchise Team’s participation
in the annual Caribbean Premier
• Annual Canadian National Regional Men’s
& Women’s 50 Overs & T20 Championships!

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