Wickets Aiming For A Breakthrough 2021 Year!

By Tony McWatt – Publisher

This being Wickets very first issue for 2021, it behoves
me as its Publisher to convey to all of our Readers my
very best wishes to you and yours for the remainder
of this still relatively new year. It is my sincere hope
that all which you have wished for yourselves in 2021
will indeed come true.

I am also, of course, hopeful that the goals
that I have set for Wickets this year will also
be achieved as a means of increasing its
value as a vehicle for the further promotion of
Canadian cricket. As outlined in last month’s
December 2020 Issue, the top three of those
were a) the provision on a far more regular
and consistent basis of individual profiles
and news articles from every area within
Canada where cricket is being played; b)
ensuring that the countrywide circulation of
Wickets’ monthly Issues becomes so superefficient
as to ensure their receipt by almost
every single interested member of the
Canadian cricket community and c) the
almost immediate acquisition of a solid core
group of corporate advertising sponsors
for its monthly Issues.

I am delighted to report that work has
already begun towards the fulfilment of
the first and third of Wickets’ established
2021 goals. In terms of the first, offers of two
pages of complimentary space for provided
coverage of any newsworthy cricket information
or developments have been conveyed to the
Presidents of the respective Provincial Associations.
With regards to the third, solicitations are now
being made to several Advertising Agencies that
have major Canadian corporations among their

Wickets achievement of its first identified goal of
much improved and increased content should also
in turn, have a most positive effect on the fulfilment
of its second objective for the far more efficient
country circulation of copies of its monthly Issues.
Hopefully, Readers of Wickets 2021 Issues will be
so enamoured with the provided content as to be
inspired to share their copies with as many of their
friends, family members and other online contacts
as possible.

As was also suggested in last month’s December
Issue there will indeed be much to look forward to in
the months ahead, as Wickets pursues the fulfilment
of its established 2021 goals! Cheers to that!

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