The Importance Of Mentors!

Modern Cricket is very advanced and fast. At the same time it puts lot of
pressure on players and coaches. If you want to compete at the professional
level you need someone to observe you and guide you for the upcoming
I’ve met many Cricketers in my life who fell
short because of a lack of proper guidance.
Fortunately in my coaching career I have
been mentored by both world class
coaches and cricket educators. At the same
time my mentors
expectations were that I would also pass the
knowledge that they were providing to me to
other players and coaches. Such a wonderful
way to serve the Cricket!
It takes lot of mental and physical efforts to
perform. Players actually more of often than not
don’t need to much by way of technical advice.
What they often do need is good mentoring!
Mentorship towards a players’
development can be provided from
either of two sources. The player’s Coach
can of course also be their mentor.
Many players however, may also want
to seek the additional guidance from
an outside individual who is sufficiently
knowledgeable about cricket and far
more importantly the player’s chosen
specialty as to be able to provide sage
advice! Some of international crickets
most famous players have been
mentored by individuals who were not
their Coaches. Brian Lara has often cited
Sir Garfield Sobers’ as having served his
mentor, especially at those times when he found himself experiencing a lack of form and recording repeated low scores! Mentors oftentimes can also be from both sources.
As a Coach, your fundamental duties are to relieve pressure, build confidence and get your charges to consistently perform to the very best of their abilities. That’s never going to happen solely as a result of net practices. Players and coaches should always talk openly, honestly and have good understanding. Then the Coach can mentor the player to achieve all the success he wants. As a National Team Coach is not only to guide the players during net practices, that’s just a first step towards their preparation for becoming the very best players they can be. I also have a responsibility to look after my players’ physically and emotionally as well.
Every player is different but how to take best out of him is an art of coaching. That’s why Coach-Player mentorship plays such a huge role. I would advise to players and coaches to find a good mentor, who can guide them for the next level.

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