Great 2019 On Field Success For Cricket Alberta!

Membership has also shown a steady increase over the
last year. In 2019 there were 65 active clubs, more
than 125 teams in 3 different formats and in excess
of 2500 registered cricketers across Alberta Due to the
ever increasing popularity of cricket within the region.
Alberta’s numbers are expected to grow beyond 4000 by
the end of 2023.
A l b e r ta ’s Umpiring Association conducted
its year-long programs province-wide. 35 new
Umpires successfully completed the ICC Umpiring
A High-Performance Camp was also organized in all
major cities with the help of National Certified Coach
Christy, who also conducted also many school programs.
High-Performance Canada was introduced by Salman
Khan. The Program was implemented as part of a Move,
Think, Learn Series.
This resource uses a Teaching Games for Understanding
approach to support educators with little knowledge of
cricket in their planning of games-play experiences for
children and youth in Grades 7-9. The goal of the resource
is to increase students’ confidence, competence and
motivation to become more skillful game players and to
be further engaged in physical activity.
During the year Cricket Alberta also maintained a
comprehensive Coach Development Program that
delivered quality educational opportunities, increased
the communication with and recognition of
coaches, as well as providing appropriate support
and assistance to clubs and schools
with their coaching programs. During
2019 all ACA Policies were also
reviewed and revised and then clearly
communicated to those affected. The
Association also investigated and
utilized the latest advances in player
development technology where
applicable with the assistance of
the Cricket Canada National Athlete
Development Plan.
Cricket Alberta also provided much
valued assistance towards the
development of resources for new clubs
and organizations trying to get cricket
started at new venues. The provided
assistance included ground and pitch specifications as
well as guidance on governance. Infrastructure support
for pitch construction can make a tremendous difference
for local cricket development.
Cricket Alberta’s recommendation for the further
development of Canada’s national T20 cricketers is for
there to be much increased emphasis on participation
from players outside of the Ontario area. Players from
Western Canada should have as many opportunities to
show their talents, and be seen by the selectors as their
Ontario based counterparts. In order to identify talent in
Alberta especially from outside of big cities, players who
have very limited opportunities, need to be seen. It is
recognized that some may not be currently at the same
level as those who might be excluded from Alberta,
but there needs to be consideration of potential, and
development through access to better coaching and
facilities. There also needs to be consideration of support
for the training of officials as well as the development of
coaches in small and isolated communities using online

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