A COVID Affected Significantly Reduced Quebec 2020 Cricket Season!

Cricket in Montreal witnessed one of its shortest
summer season ever, however we were
fortunate to play Cricket during the
ongoing Pandemic with strict conditions.
Last year we saw notable drop in player participation
with many of the teams and clubs opting out to play
due to reasonable concerns over the Covid virus.
We also could not get the permit to play for 2 of our
fields and were restricted to play only at 1 location
with 2 pitches. Due to this we decided to let go of
regular rounds T35 league and only focused on T20s.
Total of 25 teams divided in Premier and lower A
Division with total player participation of 350+ 4 months
shortened season from June to Sept.
Page: 26 wickets
Only T20 League; Cancellation of longer version T35 regular round, with direct
knockout games Six Nations cup – team India winner T20 League winners Premier:
Sher-E-Punjab CC, Division A winner: Verdun CC
We concluded our season in September with trophies and medal presentation
which was due for 2 seasons 2019 and 2020. We also had to delay our AGM for 2020
due to restrictions over indoor gatherings, however, we were able to conduct it at
later date over the video conference.
The General Membership Body subsequently passed a resolution to continue with
the same Body for the 2021 as an exception due to Pandemic.

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