Additional Grounds For Outdoor Cricket Still Needed In Manitoba!

1. Outdoor Cricket 2020
Cricket continues to grow in Manitoba. More
young people are getting involved with the sport
at the Junior High and Senior High school levels.
These players then migrate to the club levels
where existing clubs are encouraged to include
the young players into their programs.
In 2020 due to COVID 19 there was a shortened
league with short matches to accommodate all
teams. Thirty over matches were scheduled and
two matches daily on each ground was needed
to get through the schedule.
There were no promotions or relegations in the
2020 League for 2021.
The Western JRRT that was scheduled for Manitoba
in 2020 was canceled due to COVID 19.
2. Junior Development
There were no Junior Programs in 2020 due to
Additional Grounds For
Outdoor Cricket Still
Needed In Manitoba!
Page: 14 wickets
3. Indoor Cricket
The indoor season was suspended in March 2020 and was canceled for the rest of the year
due to the unavailability of gyms.
4. Provincial Support
The Sport for Life facility at Sport Manitoba has implemented two practice nets which cricket
has full access to. Sport Manitoba continues to be our sponsor but with a shrinking budget
from the provincial government, all sports are expected to do more with less. This shortfall is a
signal for the MCA to seek help from the community through sponsorship.
5. Future Developments
Manitoba continues to look for more outdoor facilities. The sport is growing and as more
people from cricketing countries settle in Manitoba the need is more urgent.
One ground was scheduled to be built in the
Winkler area just South East of Winnipeg.
Brandon Cricket Association has started the
process of securing a field away from the city
of Brandon as they have been very reluctant
to cooperate in assisting the Association from
securing a City-owned field. A private field will be
looked at preferably at Simplot.
Please visit our website for current and upcoming
events. Additional information can be obtained

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