Cricket Canada has announced the Canadian National U19 Squad to participate at the 2019, ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2020 Americas Qualifier Tournament to be held at King City from July 6th – 15th. This is the second consecutive year that Canada will be hosting the Tournament, the winner of which will go on to represent the Americas Region at the South Africa hosted 2020 ICC U19 World Cup.

Canada will be competing against rival U19 teams from the Argentina, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the USA for Tournament winner honours. The selected Canadian Squad is as follows:

Ashtan Deosammy (Capt)

DOB: 18/09/200

Role: Rt. Hand Bat/Rt, Hand Finger Spin

Akhil Kumar

DOB: 20/11/2011

Role: Rt. Hand Bat/Rt. Arm Medium


Arshdeep Dhaliwal

DOB: 25/02/2001

Role:Rt Hand Bat/Rt. Arm Medium


Ayush Verma

DOB: 12/11/200

Role: Rt. Hand Bat/Rt. Hand Medium



Benjamin Calitz

DOB: 06/07/2002

Role: Lt. Hand Bat/Rt. Arm Medium

Eshan Sensarma

DOB: 13/12/2001

Role: Wicket Keeper/Rt. Hand Bat


Gurjot Gosol

DOB: 10/01/2002

Role: Rt. Hand Bat/Rt Arm Finger Spin



Matthew Nandu

DOB: 09/06/2003

Role: Kt. Hand Bat/Rt. Arm Finger Spin:



Muhammad Kamal

DOB: 07/11/2001

Role: Rt, Hand Bat/Rt. Arm Medium


Nicholas Manohar

DOB: 12/12/200

Role: Wicket Keeper/Lt. Hand Bat



Randhir Sandhu

DOB: 13/10/2000

Role: Lt. Hand Bat/Rt. Arm Finger Spin



Raqib Shamsudeen

DOB: 15/08/2001

Role: Rt. Hand Bat/Lt. Arm Finger Spin



Rishiv Joshi

DOB: 04/11/2000

Role: Rt. Hand Bat/Lt Arm Medium



Udaybir Walia

DOB: 20/05/2002

Role: Rt. Hand Bat/Rt. Arm Medium



Farouk Kirmani



Kulbir Jaswal

Asst. Coach



Anil Khana