Canadian Cricketers Take 5: Dilon Heyliger!

  1. What was your best cricket memory/moment in 2019?

My best cricket moment or memory is being best bowler of the Tournament at the 2019 T20 Qualifiers in Bermuda.

 2. What was your greatest 2019 disappointment?

My greatest 2019 disappointment was Canada not qualifying for the ICC 2020 T20 World Cup!

3. How do you plan on spending the 2019 Christmas Holidays?

I am planning on spending Christmas with my Mom and my brothers!

4, What will you be doing during the Winter January – April off season to further enhance your cricket?

During the January – April off season I’ll be focusing on improving my skills and fitness.

5. What are you hoping to achieve most in 2020 as a Canadian cricketer?

My hope still is and has always been to help Canada become a Test playing nation. As well as going to a few World Cups !!

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