Canadian National Women’s Training Squad Announced!

Following the recently held August 13-15 Canadian National Women’s Championships, Canada’s National Women’s Women’s Training Squad has been announced.The
Squad will begin training
immediately in preparation for
Canada’s participation in the
upcoming America’s Qualifier for the
ICC 2022 Women’s T20 World Cup.
The Qualifier is scheduled during
the month of October at a date and
venue that are yet to be officially
announced by the ICC.
The 20 Member Canadian National
Women’s Training Squad is as
Hala Azmat, Maliha Baig, Sonali
Chandok, Mukhwinder Gill, Kate
Gray, Mahrukh Imtiaz, Krima
Kapadia, Mahwish Khan, Miryam
Khokhar, Kamna Mirchandani,
Jasmina Oldham, Zylene Ortiz,
Achini Perera, Kainat Qazi, Sristhi
Raha, Kadie Ramdath, Divya Saxena,
Hiba Shamshad, Sana Zafar and
Saniyah Zia. Many of those selected
recorded outstanding performances
for their respective team’s during the
Women’s National Championships,
which was played at the King City
multi-turf wicket equipped Maple
Leaf Cricket Club.
Miryam Khokhar’s aggregate of 191
runs from 4 innings batted, at an
average of 95.50 and a 102.14 was
at the top of the Championship
leaderboard. She was closely
followed by Divya Saxena who scored
140 runs from 3 innings batted at an
average of 70.00 and at an incredible
172.84 strike rate.
Sonali Chandok, who also goes by
the name of Amarpal Kaur, was third
on the leaderboard of the National
Championships’ outstanding batters.
She amassed 118 runs from four
innings batted at a 39.33 average and
with a 107.27 strike rate. Achini Perera,
who scored 99 runs from 3 innings at a
commendable 33.99 average and highly
acceptable 102.08 strike rate, was also
impressive during the Championships.
Perera was fourth on the leaderboard
for the Championships’ top batters.
Saniyah Zia, took 6 wickets from four
matches played at an 8.5 average
and 3.92 economy rate to emerge as
the Championships’ leading bowler.
Mukhwinder Gill with 5 wickets in four
matches played was close behind as
one the leading wicket-takers. Gill’s

wickets were taken at an average of 12.00 and a 5.29 economy rate.
Mahrukh Imtiaz with four wickets in as many matches played was also one of the Championships’ most productive bowlers. Imtiaz’s wickets were taken at an average of 11.25 with a 4.09 economy rate.
Thirty six women cricketers participated in the three day National Women’s Championships with three matches being played on the first day, two on the second and the final match on the third. The 36 players were divided into three teams of 12 members each for their participation in the six match Tournament which was played on a round-robin basis. Cedar Blues, Orange Oaks and Maple Greens were the names assigned to the three participating teams.
Cedar Blues played unbeaten during the entire Tournament winning all four of its matches to take the Championships honours. Orange Oaks, with a split record of two wins and as many losses placed second, while the Maple Greens were winless in all four of its matches.
The match summaries for the each of the six matches played during the August 13-15, 2021 Canadian national Women’s Championships are as follows:
Match 1:
Friday, August 13, 2021, Cedar Blues vs Maple Greens,
Cedar Blues 108/9 (20,0 Ov). Kamma Mirchand 26; Mahwish Khan 26; Sonali Vig 3-11/4; Saniyah Zia 3-14/3. Maple Greens 91/5 (20.0 Ov). Miryam Khokar 51; Maliha Baig 21; Kamma Mirchandi 2-13/4. Cedar Blues won by 13 runs.
Match 2:
Friday August 13, 2021 Orange Oaks vs Maple Greens
Orange Oaks 97/4 (20 Ov) Kate Gray 37; Sonali Vig 2-15/4; Maple Greens 92/10 (16.1 Ov)Maliha Baig 19; Miryam Khokhar 16; Jasmina Oldham 3-9/1.1; Kate Gray 2-14/3.Orange Oaks won by 5 runs.
Match 3:
Friday, August 13, 2021 Orange Oaks vs Cedar Blues
Orange Oaks 113/7 (20.0 Ov). Amarpal Kaur 58; Mukhwinder Gill 2-18/3. Cedar Blues 116/2 (9.2 Ov) Divya Saxena 66; Achini Perera 34; Rhea Misra 1-34?3. Cedar Blues won by 9 wickets.
Page: 14 wickets
Match 4:
Saturday, August 14 2021 Orange Oaks vs Cedar Blues
Orange Oaks 63/10 (17.2 Ov); Amarpal Kaur 17; Mahrukh Imtiaz 3-12/4; Mukhwinder Gill 2-6/2.2. Cedar Blues 54/3 (10.5 Ov);
Hiba Shamshad 24[ Srishti Raha 22; Aaliyah Williams 2-7/3.Cedar Blues won by 7 wickets.
Match 5:
Saturday, August 14 2021 Maple Greens vs Orange Oaks
Maple Greens 110/4 (20.0 Ov); Miryam Khokhar 50; Hala Azmat 31; Orange Oaks 114/4 (18.1 Ov); Aaliyah Williams 37;
Amarpal Kaur 34; Saniyah Zia 3-7/4. Orange Oaks won by 6 wickets.
Match 6:
Sunday August 15 2021 Cedar Blues vs Maple Greens
Cedar Blues 183/4 (20.0 Ov); Divya Saxena 66; Achini Perera 60; Suboor Khan 2-16/2; maple Greens 108/3 (20.0 Ov); Miryam
Khokhar 74. Cedar Blues won by 75 runs.
The Championships were graced by the presence of Cricket Canada’s, British Columbia based President Rashpal Bajwa as
well as its Quebec based Treasurer Charles Pais. Cricket Canada’s recently elected Women’s Director, Durriya Shabbir was
also present during the Championships as was General manager Ingleton Liburd. The Championships were hosted by the
Shah Zafar led Cricket Ontario.

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