COACH’S CORNER: The Importance Of Biomechanics In Cricket: Part IV Fielding!

In fielding, some of the mechanical principles involved in catching and throwing
the ball effectively, includes:
Increase the area
receiving the force
of the impact of the
approaching ball
Make use of all the
‘shock absorbers’ of the
body (wrists, elbows,
shoulders, hips, knees
and ankles) to achieve
the above
Use as much distance
as possible to reduce
the velocity of the
approaching ball as
this increases the time
over which the force is
A fast return is dependent on the time
spent applying force to the ball and the
time the ball spends in flight
Use the front arm to generate speed on the
throwing side
Ensure correct sequence of summing
muscular force, starting with the large
and ending with the smaller muscle
Ensuring a stable base of support from
which to throw the ball
Use long levers for optimum linear
velocity and short levers for faster
The follow-through principally ensures
the deceleration of all the body parts,
reducing the risk of injury.
Apply the forces through the center of
gravity of the ball for optimum speed
and accuracy

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