Cricket Canda Update January 2021

Although the seasonal holidays provided a welcome break, Cricket Canada continues to move
forward with planning for 2021. All plans are of course dependent on the COVID-19 situation
and need to be flexible. We are working with the Global T20 Canada management to open
discussions with municipalities, provinces and the Federal Government to understand the conditions
under which the Global T20, and ICC qualifying events (the T20 Americas qualifier in July, and the
Challenge League in August) might be played. Following the revision of the selection policy to put in place a separate committee for the women’s national teams, members and the Cricket Canada women’s committee were asked to provide nominations of qualified individuals, and the Committee has now been appointed.

The men’s selection committee has put in place a preliminary plan for selection of those to be considered for the Under 19 Americas qualifier. They are also working on a preliminary high-performance senior men’s squad.

As previously mentioned, Cricket Canada plans to host domestic tournaments for both men and
women, with regional T20 tournaments leading to recommendations of those to take part in men’s
and women’s the national T20 tournament. These are the important events in which players can show
their ability and potential to play internationally.

COVID-19 restrictions have prevented any in-person training but there need to be plans in place
so, if conditions allow, we can get up and running quickly.

On the governance front, we have had useful discussions with ICC Americas as to the next stage
of formulating our strategic plan. We are close to finalising our vision, mission, and values, as well as the main focus areas. The next stage is to put objectives in place, and plans to achieve them, as well as measures of success.

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