Cricket Ontario Creating Opportunities For Member Leagues!

Cricket Ontario (formerly the Cricket Council of Ontario – CCO) was incorporated in 2009 with the intent of uniting member leagues to function as a unified body to work collectively towards growth of cricket in province of Ontario. In 2010, CCO was recognized as the official representative body to Cricket Canada for the Province of Ontario.

Cricket Ontario represents approximately 90% of cricket playing population in Ontario. Having being incorporated for only a few years and running, Cricket Ontario has become a body with a mission and vision to grow the game of Cricket, not only in Ontario but in Canada by working and uniting with other provincial bodies to help Cricket Canada and Government Sports Agencies for development and growth of game of Cricket

Cricket Ontario’s mission is to working towards the sports’ further development within the Province by creating opportunities for member leagues, with Cricket Canada to grow the game within Canada and with Government bodies to facilitate the involvement of players at all levels. Cricket Ontario’s adopted theme for its activities is Stay in Cricket and Excel in Cricket.

Cricket Ontario recently announced the Rosters of its two representative teams which will participate in Vancouver, BC’s hosting of the July 3-8, 2018 U-19 Canada Cup.

 2018 U-17 Team Ontario Announcement for CANADA CUP

The Cricket Council of Ontario is pleased to announce the Team Ontario Rosters for the 2018 U-17 Canada Cup Tournament to be held in Vancouver, BC July 3-8, 2018.

Team Red: Aditya Pandya; Akhil Kumar; Ashtan Deosammy; Gurjot Singh Gosal; Harkaran Mann; Harmanjeet singh bedi; Manav Patel; Muhammad Abubaker; Muhammad Ahmed kamal; Nicholas Manohar; Pieter Christiaan Pretorius; Raqib Shamsudeen; Ravi sandhu; Rishiv Joshi

Coaches: Farooq Kirmani; Mukesh Narula

 Team Green: Anindya Das; Arjuna Sukhu; Chirag Dhariwal; Cole Batstone; Darshil Patel; Eshan Sensarma; Jagrit Dewan; Jinit Kansara; Matthew Nandu; Mihir Patel; Muzammil Khan; Rudra patel; Rushil Patel; Siddh Lad; Taksh Kapde; Varnan Naress

Coach: Sherriff Booodhoo; Jainauth Jadunauth;

Managers: Praim Persaud; Shah Zafar

 Several reserve players were also identified as follows: Aayush Patel; Devang Shah; Jash Shah; Muhammad Abuzar; Shashwat Negi; Hussain Siddiqui; Abraham Khokhar


As part of the Cricket Canada strategic plan, Cricket Ontario will be playing an active role in showcasing Women’s cricket at the provincial level to attract a new generation of women and girls to the sport, as well as promote youth participation in the women’s cricket in the province. As a first step toward this initiative, Cricket Ontario is setting up a Women’s Cricket Development Committee and looking for volunteers.



Board of Directors:

Priam Persaud – President

Shah Saleem Zafar – 1st Vice President

Gokul Kamat- 2nd Vice President

Nasrullah Ahmed Syed – Secretary

Zain Khot – Treasurer

Tan Qureshi – Public Relations Manager

Mohammed Shaikh – Cricket Canada Delegate

Leslie Soobrian – Past President






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